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I look forward to decorating my kitchen for Christmas every year since quite honestly, that’s where I spend most of my time.  I generally shy away from holiday decor and instead, use items that feel more natural in a kitchen, particularly food items.  I really wanted to create a special display this year and I have long admired the 3-Tier Round Display from Mothology, so when they sent it to me, I literally did a happy dance on the porch {let’s hope the neighbors didn’t see!}

Mothology 3 Tier Tray
{via Mothology}

The reason that I love this particular tray is because of the gorgeous brown/gray color of the reclaimed wood AND because each tier has a shallow edge.  Why does this matter to me?  I’ve come to realize that trays without any edges make me a bit nervous that things will fall off {especially anything round that can roll right off!} and ones that have too deep of an edge hide too much of the items on display.  And after all, it’s all about the display, right?!  So for me, the Mothology tray is juuuuuuusssst right…yes, just like Goldilocks. :)

{via Mothology}
{via Mothology}

I knew right away that I wanted to use the tray in my kitchen as part of my Christmas display.


My tray is a mix of boxwood {of course!}, nuts, pomegranates, and mandarin oranges.


White mugs, plates, and bowls are mixed throughout.


I also used some silver accents including mercury glass candle holders and cookie cutters.  You know I love to mix textures, so mixing the shiny silver and rustic metal was right up my alley!


I really love this particular mix of colors because it’s bold but still very natural, especially in a kitchen.  And as you can see, I’ve started to introduce the color red, which has been absent in the other Christmas decor I’ve shared with you lately {posts HERE and HERE}.


I’m so happy with my new tray and love how it looks in the kitchen, but my mind is already racing with ideas for using it in other rooms.  It might just be moving to the family room after the holidays… :)


Please stop by again tomorrow for my full Christmas home tour which will include additional photos from my kitchen as well as other rooms in my home!

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A very special thank you to Mothology for supplying me with this tray.  I love to share with you things that I enjoy, so as always, all opinions and ideas are my own and are expressed in my own words.

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  1. Your tray looks so pretty decked out with boxwood, oranges, and pomegranates! I love all of those colors together!

  2. Love your kitchen tray and how you used the boxwood branches. I too love boxwoods yet I never have enough to clip without ruining my bushes form. Just curious how you get such long cuttings? Would love to decorate with them. Possibly it’s the type of bush you have?

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Jackie! I wish those clippings were from my yard, but like you, my bushes would be mangled if I were to take that much from them. :) The boxwood in the tray is actually a swag of preserved boxwood that I purchased online. I use it year-round, not just for Christmas, so I figure I’m getting my money’s worth. Lol!

  3. Beautiful tray and so versatile. Also can’t help but admire the blue painted furniture behind it. Wow!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Kim – I agree that blue furniture is gorgeous!!!!

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