A tour of my Christmas living room décor in pinks, white, gold and silver. Even soft, muted colors can create a bold look for the holidays!

It’s finally December! If you haven’t decorated already, you might like these ideas for Christmas décor. While I already shared my pink Christmas tree with you, I thought it was important to tie the tree in with the rest of the room.  Also in today’s post, ideas for where you can score some great deals on home décor!  With so many great sales happening right now, this is the time to shop!

Christmas in the Living Room

A few weeks ago I shared by pink Christmas tree with you. Today, I’m sharing the rest of my living room to show you how I tied my tree in with the rest of my holiday décor.

French living room with fireplace decorated for Christmas with pink and white tree
Living room Christmas decor in pink and white

A Christmas Fireplace Mantel

My DIY painted mansard mirror takes center stage above the fireplace. On the mantel, I simply used clippings from the redwood trees in my backyard as a green base.

Living room Christmas fireplace mantel with French mansard mirror above in pink and white

On top, I scattered a few pink ornaments with white feather Christmas trees at the ends. The trees weren’t quite as tall as I wanted, so I used some mercury glass candle holders that I had as a base for the trees.

Pink and white Christmas fireplace mantel decor with mirror above

By the time I started photographing, these pink roses had seen better days, but I’ll let them dry out and save them for future decorating projects. {Here are some fun ideas for how to use dried flowers}

Pink roses with white ironstone and Christmas greens on fireplace mantel
Pink Christmas ornaments with roses and greenery on a fireplace mantel
Pink rose in mercury vase with greenery and ornament on fireplace mantel

Christmas Coffee Table Décor

My industrial style coffee table felt a bit off compared to all of the feminine pinks, so to soften it a bit, I used my white ruffle table runner down the center. The table runner was much to long so I simply folded it in the center to make it fit. The basket tray on top with some greenery and mercury glass votives.

Industrial coffee table decorated for Christmas with pink ornaments and greenery

I used a white ironstone tureen to hold some ornaments and used a feather boa to fill in the gaps.

Closeup of ironstone tureen filled with pink Christmas ornaments and tree in background
Pink Christmas tree with criss cross ribbons and pink and white coffee table decor

Another ironstone tureen on the side table holds more ornaments for a little bit of color.

Closeup of white ironstone filled with pink Christmas ornaments and tree in background

Overall, the pink Christmas living room is just quiet and peaceful. I think that’s what I really need to finish off the craziness of 2020!

Living room fireplace decorated for Christmas in pinks and white
Pink and white Christmas living room with decorated fireplace and tree

Christmas Lights at Night

I like sitting in the living room at night with just the glow of the Christmas tree.

Closeup of pink and white decorated Christmas tree at night with fireplace in background
Pink and white decorated Christmas tree at night in French living room

Next week I’ll be sharing an idea for decorating your holiday table this year so stay tuned!

Want to see the full layout of this room? Then you’ll enjoy {THIS} post.

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  1. So beautiful. Your living room is stunning!

  2. Yes, Please come right over and help me decorate !!

  3. BTW: Your tree is beautiful!

  4. I truly enjoy your blog and pictures. But it would really be nice if you featured some pictures that showed more of the entire living room from more of a distance instead of all the pictures being so close up. Please do not be offended. I really like being inspired by how a person has arranged their furniture and decor. You are not alone in how you present your photos. I can tell that this format is the current style on all the blogs, which is a little frustrating.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Patrice,

      That’s a valid point! I’ll try to include more overall room shots moving forward. I haven’t changed my furniture arrangement in so long that I thought it seemed redundant to show, but your comment made me realize that no everyone has seen the wider shots of the room already! So, I’ll try to include some in seasonal posts in the future. In the meantime, here’s a look at my overall living room: https://www.tidbitsandtwine.com/my-french-inspired-living-room/

      :) Kim

  5. Your living room is beautiful!!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Vivian! :) Kim

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