Simple 10 minute Christmas decorating ideas to effortlessly add holiday charm to your home. Easy ideas to get your home ready for the holidays in just 10 minutes at a time!

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I spend a LOT of time decorating for Christmas. But, it’s the tree that I spend the most time on. I like to create completely new looks each year with lots of ribbon, filler, and ornaments! And then I decorate underneath the tree which is a whole other project!

blue and white french christmas tree with fireplace mantel in background with white stockings and white feather trees

10 Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

So when it comes to the rest of the house? Well, I’m tired by then. So I keep our Christmas decor relatively simple and easy. These days, I prefer Christmas decorating that can be done in 10 minutes or less at a time. Simple decorating ideas make me feel like I’ve accomplished something, but don’t leave me feeling overwhelmed.

These 10 minute Christmas decorating ideas will make your home fun and festive without a lot of work. You can do just one, or do multiple as time permits!

Fill a Bowl with Baubles

Ornaments are just for the tree! Group them together in a bowl as a beautiful focal point! You can add greenery to the bowl or leave it bare. Choose all one color or a mix. You can also fill baskets, buckets, trophy cups, and more, and place them around your home.

Ornaments bring in the spirit of the holiday season and add a bit of bling with almost zero effort!

white ironstone bowl filled with silver mercury glass ornaments and one blue ornament
white ironstone bowl filled with pink christmas ornaments and a pearl necklace draped over the edge of the bowl

Create a Vignette

I love a vignette and use them year-round in my home to reflect things I love and my personal style. You can mix your everyday decor with your holiday decor to create small vignettes around your home that are simple, yet festive!

Blue red and green guest bedroom with two twin beds and vintage black furniture
french blue cabinet with styled shelves holding antique books ironstone greenery and small winter framed art
antique gold candelabra with ironstone bowl of silver and white christmas ornaments at the base

Decorate Your Chandelier

One unexpected decorating idea is to add some Christmas cheer to your chandelier! You can attach greenery, real or faux, using floral wire. But you can also just attach ornaments or bells for a truly unique look.

chandelier with crystal decorated for christmas with bells and white fur
french chandelier with candles decorated for christmas with greenery and ornaments
french chandelier with crystals decorated for christmas with greenery

Add Holiday Flair to your Chairs

Decorating your dining chairs adds a fun flair to your table. You can attach small wreaths using ribbon or straight pins, but you can also hang bells, mistletoe, ornaments, or even tie ribbon around them.

pink and silver Christmas tablescape with greenery and roses and chairs with small wreaths on the backs

Add a Bow

Never underestimate the power of a bow! Not only do bows show off beautiful ribbons, but they always add a festive feel.

You can add bows to lamps, pillows, vases, etc. Or you can create a fancy bow to attach to a wreath!

lantern filled with ornaments and a large bow on top in front of a Christmas tree
french beige linen wingback chair with pillow wrapped with a bow and chunky thrown behind the pillow

Sprinkle in Some Greenery

A pop of greenery is a simple way to bring in the french feel of Winter. You can create a bouquet in a vase or urn, or simply mix sprigs around the house.

I often use redwood clippings from my yard and mix them with faux pine. Either way, mixing your greenery is a great way to add texture and color. Cedar, juniper, magnolia, eucalyptus and pine and all wonderful options for holiday greens.

TIDBITS&TWINE – Christmas Kitchen 2015 with Boxwood, Pomegranates and Oranges
french urn filled with Christmas greenery with trumeau mirror behind and white snow at base

Decorate with Small Trees

Whether you have a full-size Christmas tree or not, the addition of other, smaller trees makes a great addition to holiday decor. You can use small trees in corners or on fireplace hearths. Tabletop trees are perfect for the kitchen, dining table, or consoles!

neutral family room with french urn holding small tree on coffee table with ornaments and bells at base
small sparse christmas tree in corner in an antique european bucket with white clip on candles and vintage bread paddles on the wall

Hang a Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the outdoors! You can add a wreath to a cabinet, a mirror, or a window! You can also hang them above a fireplace or bed as a focal point. Here are some of my favorite tricks for decoratively hanging wreaths.

french dining room with round numbered chairs and small christmas tree in corner

Fill a Sled

A sled, by nature, already represents Winter so it is an easy piece of decor to use. A small sled can be filled with ornaments, greenery, packages, or even candy! Place it under the tree, on a table, or on the fireplace for a bit of holiday cheer.

Light the Way

Lighting is a great way to add a cozy, warm feeling to your home. Christmas is a great time to bring out the candles, both real and fake! This is such a simple idea but makes such a dramatic impact, especially in the evening.

dough bowl full of glass votives with candles and a feather boa tucked around them with Christmas greens around bowl

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