Keep your home looking current today and 10 years from today with a timeless interior design style. Trends come and go, but some elements have staying power and become classics. Find out what they are and how to incorporate them!

It’s easy to get swept up by the latest in decorating trends, isn’t it?  After all, when we go to stores or shop online, we are surrounded by what is currently “in”.  The last few years have been all about shiplap, brass fixtures and a farmhouse style and with these elements readily available at every store, it’s hard to avoid them.

The problem, of course, is that in time, homes decorated solely with trendy decor will eventually look outdated.  (I’m dating myself here, but I grew up in a home with avocado green shag carpet with orange walls!)

Why Create a Timeless Interior Design

To get the biggest bang for your buck, create a timeless, classic look that is as relevant 10 years from now as it is today.  This doesn’t mean that you have to avoid trends, but rather that you create a timeless backdrop and buy investment pieces that are sure to last. 

The goal is to avoid a space that quickly becomes outdated. Thankfully, there are some basic elements that are classic and stand the test of time! So here are 5 tips to create a timeless home that will look good for years to come.

Do you want to incorporate trendy elements that have the most staying power? Here’s a handy guide I put together for the 2022 trends!

1. Incorporate Millwork

You can never go wrong with architectural details.  Today’s design still draws upon historic Greek and Roman architecture because these styles are considered to have a “classic” look that withstands the test of time. 

In a similar fashion, details like quality baseboards, crown molding, wainscotting, and other millwork have a classic look that will still look good years from now. Millwork is a classic design that adds a touch of elegance and looks oh so gorgeous!

Idea:  You can always update or modernize the look of classic trim by painting it a trendy color or “hiding” it by painting it the same color of the wall, but the millwork itself will remain timeless.

2. Incorporate Natural Materials

The use of man-made elements, like Corian or laminate, come and go as technology and manufacturing processes change.  Natural elements, however, remain classic. 

Using natural elements in your design choices will lead to a longer staying power, so think wood floors and beams, stone, brick, marble countertops, etc. For fabrics, look for cotton and linen.  Elements that pull from nature tend to have a more timeless look.

Idea: You can modernize based on the style you choose.  For example, you can select marble subway tiles instead of a slab, or hand-scraped wide plank wood floors.  These style choices give a more contemporary look but utilize timeless materials which will help give them more staying power.

3. Stick with a Neutral Palette

The beauty of neutrals is that they blend into the background and let the space itself take center stage.  If you keep the bones of your space in a neutral color palette, then your backdrop will be timeless and will coordinate with the rest of your space regardless of the style or color you choose for furnishings.  So think beiges, whites, browns, when it comes to walls, fireplaces, trim, flooring, etc.

Idea: Since neutrals coordinate with a wide array of colors, you can update the look of your space by simply changing the accent color to whatever is trendy at the time, or whatever color you love the most!  Add colored pillows, window coverings, area rugs, etc. to change up the look without having to redecorate the entire space.

4. Keep it Simple Yet Functional

Function is one of the most important elements of a timeless interior design…after all, if it doesn’t work for you, you won’t keep it around long!  In addition to function, though, look for items that are simple in the design and style.  Opt for patterned fabrics that aren’t overly fussy or furniture that is neither oversized or under-scaled {the Goldilocks rule!}.  Items that are too big, too busy, or too complicated become tiresome, but the same is true to rooms that are too simple, stark, or sterile.  Instead, look for pieces that are functional with great bones that are interesting without being overly complicated.

Idea: If you love a particular pattern, introduce it on a smaller scale.  Not only will you not tire of it as quickly when used in a small dose, but it will be easier to update in time if your taste changes.  So instead of upholstering your bed in your favorite floral print, upholster your bed in a neutral and use your favorite floral as the bedding!

5. Use Variety

Variety in decorating helps to keep a room from looking repetitive and boring, and thus extends its staying power.  Using a mix of textures, metallic finishes, wood tones, materials, colors, etc. means that even if one piece goes out of style, the room itself won’t. 

Need some tips? I’ve put together guides for Mixing Furniture Styles and well as Mixing Metal Finishes.

So forgo the matching furniture sets and mix old and new! Add some antique or vintage accessories with your new furnishing to give the space a more collected look.  Using a variety helps to create a warm, inviting space with classic elements and lots of visual interest!

Is a Timeless Interior Design Actually Timeless?

So does creating a space with a timeless interior design mean that you’ll never have to update it?  Unfortunately, the answer is no!  A timeless design might need to be updated, but will rarely need to be replaced. 

For example, hardwood is a timeless flooring choice, but trends fluctuate between light and dark stains so to keep your home looking current, you might need to refinish them.  A side chair with great bones might need to have the upholstery updated someday, but you won’t have to replace the entire chair because the chair itself will be timeless, even in the upholstery isn’t.

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  1. Kim, you are always so on point!
    My home is very neutral. I’m a French college lover with a huge crush on Gustavian style….if if I can’t afford the real McCoy…lol. I’m learning to let go of many things decorative decor that is.

    I’m on the hunt for two small narrow end|side tables and a small tall narrow book shelf.
    Hope you can send some idea’s for a navy/ivory small sitting room…
    Stay well.

  2. I would also like to add that aquariums are ever green decor for your house. The fishes, plants add life to the space it is kept. Though, I also thank the writer for sharing the ideas about decor above. They really timeless.

  3. Great ideas and so necessary. You don’t have to rip your home apart to update it, is something we all need to know, cause professionals may come and want to do all kinds of unnecessary things that aren’t needed just to jack the price up, i found out the hard way. Thanks bunches.

  4. Kim,
    It took me a few years to figure this out. I now rarely have to replace anything but the upholstery on furniture pieces as they age, but the decorative items I own are classic to my style. I change things out seasonally and that satisfies my love of change.
    Great post with great ideas, as usual. Happy November.

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