Get the look of the Gleaming Primrose mirror but at a fraction of the price! There’s no need to overpay with these gorgeous Anthropologie mirror dupes.

You’ve seen this eye-catching mirror. I’m sure of it! Because it’s been above every designer’s mantel and showcased in interior design for a few years now. It’s called the Gleaming Primrose Mirror and it’s from Anthropologie.

That’s right, Anthropologie.

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When you think about Anthropologie, you might picture their stunning window displays or even imagine the distinct smell of their candles burning. And of course you recognize their bold fashions. But if you don’t shop on their online store, you might not realize what gorgeous and unique home furnishings and decor they sell!

Anthropologie has some amazing furniture pieces, gorgeous wall art, and to-die-for wallpapers. But I’ll save those for another post. Today let’s talk about their gorgeous (and equally expensive) Gleaming Primrose mirror!

Better yet, let’s talk about what makes it so special and how you can get it for less!

The Real Deal: Anthropologie Primrose Mirror

The Gleaming Primrose mirror is available in four sizes, ranging from 3′ to 7′ floor mirror. You can also choose from four colors – gold, verdigris, silver, antique black.

This vintage style mirror looks like it was handed down through the years from a gorgeous villa in France! It has an ornate look that gives it a look of elegance. What I love about this shape is that the arch top is contrasted with the flat bottom, which makes it perfect for above a mantel, entryway console, dresser, or even bathroom vanity.

While it has ornate detailing on the sides at the the top, but it’s not so over-the-top that it can’t be used in a variety of design settings.

Imagine it as a showstopper in a contemporary home, to traditional, or even rustic.

I purchased this ornate filigree mirror for my living room a year or so ago because I loved its vintage vibe….

I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that this mirror is expensive. The smallest size at 3′ runs $548, the largest is over $1,100.

For me, at the time, I couldn’t find something comparable in size and style. Since then, I’ve sourced some gorgeous alternatives at a fraction of the price! I’ve really narrowed down this list to include only mirrors that I think achieve the same look to create a list of the best Anthropologie mirror dupes.

Stunning Anthropologie Mirror Dupes

Hobby Lobby Arch Wall Mirror

$99 | Amazon

At almost 3′ tall, this mirror from Amazon is a steal at just $99! It has the same basic shape and carved detailing at the top and sides. The expensive detailing, like the beaded trim, is absent from this option, but if you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative, this Anthropologie mirror dupe is it!

Kate & Laurel Arendahl Arch Mirror

$203| Amazon

While just a bit narrower than the Gleaming Primrose mirror, this gold mirror from Amazon is a close substitute. It’s available in two sizes and four colors and comes with free returns on Amazon. Priced at $203, this Anthropologie mirror dupe is extremely affordable. You can also find it at Target and Home Depot.

Hamilton Hills Baroque Wall Mirror

$238 | Amazon

The Hamilton Hills mirror is just a bit taller than the Gleaming Primrose mirror at 42″. You’ll notice that it’s also a bit chunkier with a 2″ frame and 8″ of detailing at the top. The level of detailing and size really give this ornate gold mirror an expensive look at a budget price!

Cecilia Mirror

$398 | Anthropologie

An Anthropologie dupe with another Anthropologie mirror? Sure! What not? The Cecilia Mirror has beautiful lines. It’s a bit less ornate but has really unique detailing and a style perfectly suited to a variety of styles.

Vintage Exquisite Carved Vanity Mirror

$439 | Amazon

This might be my personal favorite dupe because of how similar it looks to the Anthropologie mirror. It’s almost the exact mirror! This mirrir is about the same size with a wood, gold-gilded frame. You’ll notice that the carved designs almost exactly match those of the Gleaming Primrose, but you’ll still have a savings of over $100.

Tulca Mirror

$448 | Lulu and Georgia

This curved mirror features a flat bottom edge and traditional scroll detailing at the apex of the metal frame. This mirror is wider than some of the others on this list, making it a great option for larger spaces.

Bridgitte Ornate Wall Mirror

$545 | One Kings Lane

This might be my personal favorite dupe because of how similar it looks to the Anthropologie mirror. It’s about the same size with a wood, gold-gilded frame. You’ll notice that the carved designs almost exactly match those of the Gleaming Primrose, but you’ll still have a savings of over $100.

Beaudry Decorative Wall Mirror

$599 | Ballard Designs

I’ve always found Ballard Designs to have quality products and have had excellent customer service. The Baudry mirror comes in two colors and two sizes, the smallest of which is still bigger than the 3′ smallest version of the Anthropologie mirror. Your best be is to wait for one of Ballard Designs 20% off sales to get it for even less!

Amelie Wall Mirror

$699 | Arhaus

The 5′ version of the anthro Primrose mirror has a hefty price tag at $898. But if you need the height, the Amelie mirror could be a great option for you! It has a somewhat smaller size standing at just over 4′, but its lower price point makes up for this difference.

DIY Anthropologie Mirror

Another option is to use appliques and onlays to create your own version of the Gleaming Primrose mirror.

Adding appliques to a mirror is not new for me. You can see my DIY Restoration Hardware mirror in my primary bath!

DIY Wood french elegant floor mirror in master bathroom

You can use an applique like this one for the top, and these for the bottom edges. Simply glue them in place and then paint your entire mirror.

More Anthro Mirror Copycats

If you didn’t already fall in love with one of these options, here are a few more that offer a similar vibe to that of the Gleaming Primrose mirror.

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