No one likes fake-looking fake flowers! So here are my favorite fake flowers that look real! What’s even better is these won’t break the bank. These are ones that I actually use in my own home and love. From roses to lilies, and even peonies, these are the best artificial flowers!

As much as I’d love to have fresh flowers in my home every day, it’s just not realistic. Sometimes, fake flowers are the only thing that will work!

But if a flower is obviously fake, then it’s doing more harm than good in your home. Yup. I said it. If it looks fake from across the room you’re better off with nothing or drying some flowers to use in a dried arrangement year-round.

Closeup of a pink fake rose with yellow pollen center with an old book and magnifying glass in the background and a fern leaf

I’m pretty particular when it comes to fake plants and fake flowers, so I’ve rounded up all of my favorite artificial flowers to share with you today.

6 Tips For Making Fake Flowers Look Real

1. Pick Quality Flowers with Good Reviews

The first step is to actually pick flowers that look good. No matter how well you “dress up” a cheap looking flower, it’ll still look cheap. Artificual flowers don’t have to be expensive, but they can’t look cheap!

Artificial is a price. Cheap is a look.

Below you’ll find my personal favorites, so you’re off to a good start!

2. Fluff Your Flowers

Fake flowers come packed for shipping, so they’re a bit squished when they arrive at the store. Always take the time to fluff the leaves and the petals as much as possible.

Simply use your hand to smooth out any creases and reshape the stems. If you can, you might even bend a few petals back for a more realistic look!

3. Cut to Fit Your Vase

One of the great things about fake flowers is that they usually come with long stems to fit a variety of vases! It’s tempting to just bend those stems to fit your vase to give you flexibility in the future for a different vase. That’s okay…unless your vase is glass! There’s nothing like a dead giveaway that a flower is fake if you can see the wired stem bent up! So always be sure to cut to size as needed.

4. Consider Adding Real to Fake

I love mixing real and fake flowers or even fake flowers with real greenery clipped from the garden! This is a very subtle way of enhancing the realness of your fake flowers, while making your arrangement fuller at the same time!

5. Add Some Water

If you have a glass vase, add just a bit of water to fill just the bottom. This little detail can make all the difference! Just be sure to change your water weekly.

6. Be Sure to Dust

When was the last time you saw a dusty arrangement of fresh flowers? Never!

A layer of dust on your fake flowers is a dead giveaway, so be sure to keep them clean. You can use a soft cloth or even an air canister like the ones used to clean computer keyboards.

Artificial Roses

These are my favorite go-to roses. These are real-touch roses, so they look and feel completely real! They are available in single stems of white, pink, and pink/yellow. They are available as fully bloomed versions (seen below) but some that are just starting to bloom, as well.

The stems are a nice brown color and look realistic. The leaves are the least realistic part, but usually, when you have a bunch of roses grouped together, you can’t really see the leaves anyway.

I love these white ones, but they DO start to yellow over time so you will need to replace them eventually.

Black cabinet with shelves decorated with antique books framed artwork ironstone moss and fake white roses
closeup of a fake white rose with a yellow pollen center in a white ironstone sugar pot next to antique leather books

I have them in pink as well, and the pink doesn’t discolor over time. Look how realistic the pollen center looks! And each petal has color variation and veining.

To bolster a small arrangement of real flowers, I sometimes pop my fake roses in to make a larger arrangement.

Closeup of a pink fake rose with yellow pollen center with an old book and magnifying glass in the background and a fern leaf
bouquet of pink rose buds and pink fake flowers with white stock and boxwood with opera glasses in the background

Fake Tulips

Tulips are beautiful in their simplicity. But I don’t love when they start to droop. Thankfully, Amazon has the most amazing fake tulips I’ve found!

These come in a variety of colors and they feel nice as well. You can even bend a few of the stems to droop just like real tulips!

faux white tulips in rustic vase as part of side table vignette next to cherub statue head

Artificial Peonies

Realistic peonies are VERY hard to find. So many look good from a distance but are very fake-looking up close.

These artificial peonies, on the other hand, look good even up close! I love the way these look but they don’t feel real, so put them somewhere where no one will touch them!

I have four different ones in this bunch (shopping links at bottom of post). I haven’t actually clipped them for a vase yet, so they’re just bundled up for now.

french chair with round cane back and blue velvet seat with a grouping of pink peonies laying on the chair seat

These center ones have more of a latex feel than silk and are my favorite because of their ruffled petal and detailed veining.

closeup of 5 fake pink peonies grouped together showing their ruffle petals

Fake Lilies

I love the way lilies smell, but hate the mess they create if you don’t cut the stamens. Plus, I realize that lilies have a polarizing scent – you either love them or hate them!

Using fake lilies for your display solves the problem!

I think these lilies look very realistic. They have spotting on the inside of the petals, just like real lilies. The leaves and flowers are all wired so that you can bend them into a realistic shape.

artificial white lilies in an antique pickling jar on a kitchen table next to sugar and salt and breadboard collection in the background
closeup of artificial white lily that looks real showing its petals stamen and pollen and green leaves

Cherry Blossom Stems

I love large, flowering branches but haven’t had any luck finding ones I’d recommend…until now! I love the color and shapes of these branches. There are four offshoots with flowers and the base of the offshoots is wired so that you can shape them.

The stems of these cherry blossoms are unfortunately fake, fake, fake. The color is actually an odd purple-brown that is too shiny to be realistic. My solution was to wrap the main stem in brown floral tape.

cherry blossom stems in an ironstone pitcher on coffee table with an antique book and sectional sofa in background with french pillows
closeup of fake cherry blossom stems that are white with slight pink centers and magnifying glasses in the background

Snap Dragons

Okay, this is perhaps a weird one. I know most of you aren’t sitting around wishing you had some artificial snap dragons but hear me out!

These are so amazing! I saw them in the store and was so convinced they were real that I had to touch them, and even then they felt realistic! I actually had to pinch them to see if they would talk. (I’ll save you the embarrassment. They don’t) Aside from that detail, though, they are incredibly realistic!

blue glass demijohn filled with white and purple fake snapdragons on a table outside on a porch

Snapdragons are nice for a tall display or an accent flower as part of a larger bouquet. I like the white ones but I don’t love the green tinge on the tips of some of the flowers. Personally, I think the purple/pink ones look a bit more realistic. Look at the detail on those petals!

closeup of fake purple snapdragons showing the flowers on a long green stem

Artificial Lavender

I stumbled across these stems at Hobby Lobby. They are a seasonal item but don’t they look completely real?! The blossoms are a variety of shades simulating real flowers as they start to fade.

closeup Mix of real and fake lavender in a wooden bucket pot

Fake Hydrangeas

I have yet to find a hydrangea that I truly love and would recommend. I have several stems of white ones that are okay, but not perfect. I use them often, especially to create a larger bouquet when I have a few real hydrangea. Can you spot the fakes?

Closeup of white hydrangeas in a white pitcher

Did you guess correctly?

Closeup of white hydrangeas in a white pitcher with text overlay showing which are real and which are fake

If you have fake hydrangea you love, please share!

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