Are you stuck in a decorating rut? Take the quiz! Plus 7 steps to try something new without taking you totally out of your comfort zone!

It happens to all of us – the dreaded decorating rut.  We keep decorating as usual, doing what we’ve always done because well…that’s what we’ve always done! 

But the truth is, we change and grow as people every day.  Every single life experience changes us in some way or another and if we continue to evolve and our spaces don’t, then one day, we’ll wake up and realize that our homes no longer look or feel like “us”.

Sometimes we just grow and evolve as people, and that changes our preferred style. Sometimes, budgets change and you’re forced to adapt! Sometimes the trends influence what we like and don’t like! All of these things change how we decorate our homes over time.

You don’t have to do what you’ve always done. It’s okay to change! So I’ve made a little three-question quiz to help you decide if your home is ready for an update. And if you are, I’ll show you easy ways to ease yourself into something new. You can use the Table of Contents below to skip to a section.

Quiz: Are You In a Decorating Rut?

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell whether your decorating style is the same because your taste hasn’t changed or because you’re in a rut.  If your space has looked the same for a long time, here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. When you make purchase decisions, do you consider decor items that are outside of your usual buying habits?

It’s easy to buy things based on what we’ve bought in the past, but it’s important to really look at and consider all of the options.  You might be surprised to realize you’re drawn to something different!

Don’t dismiss things just because they aren’t your usual style. Decorating styles can evolve. Plus, it’s okay to mix styles!

Find your style! Take my Decorating Style Quiz

2. Are you still inspired by your space?

When you wake up in the morning and look around your home, you should feel inspired by your space each and every day.

turquoise and pink antique teacup filled with coffee with pink flowers in the saucer and pink flowers in background

3. Does your space still feel like you?

Your home should be a reflection of you and your family, so it’s important that it look and feel like you.

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might be stuck in a rut!

How to Overcome a Decorating Rut

In order to ensure that your home is a reflection of you, it needs to grow and change over time.  While it’s important to break out of your rut, it’s equally important that you still decorate within the boundaries of your comfort zone!  Here’s how:

1. Look for Inspiration

Before tackling any decorating project, it’s important to know what you like! 

Browse through magazines, catalogs, Pinterest, etc. and take note of things that you like.  Having an inspiration piece is an important first step because it represents your starting point and will inspire you to get the project started.  It’s like a little jump-start to get us excited and give us direction!

2. Pay Attention and Take Note

As you’re looking for decorating inspiration, pay attention to spaces that you like.  Is there something that all of the spaces have in common that attracts you?  Maybe a color scheme, feeling, or arrangement? 

Keep track of your likes and dislikes so that you can use them to guide you as you tackle your project.

3. Consider All the Options

The easiest way to decorate is to do what we’ve always done, but that means that nothing will ever change! 

When you’re out shopping, be sure to give consideration to all of the options, not just your usual.  For example, if you’re looking for new toss pillows and you always use beige, be sure to browse the entire pillow section – not just the neutrals – because you might be surprised to find you like something else!

4. Tackle the Project in Steps

It’s easy to become overwhelmed if you look at a project in its entirety, so instead, break it down into steps and take it one step at a time.

5. Clear Your Space

One of the easiest ways to figure out what works and what doesn’t is to literally clear the room and put things back one piece at a time.  What you’ll find is that you’ll put the things you love the most back first and you’ll eventually be left with things you no longer really want. 

This is a great way to figure out what you really want for your space and to imagine what you’d like moving forward.

6. Start Small

Don’t jump into a major overhaul!  Start by making just a few tweaks to your existing space and see if small updates give you the change you need.  Too much change too quickly can be unnerving and make us revert to what we know…and hence, the rut! 

Instead, introduce “new” decor items – things that are typically outside of your usual style – in small doses.  Think of it in the same terms as your hair style – when you’re ready for a change, don’t chop off your hair when all you need is a little trim!

7. Make Inexpensive Updates First

If you’ve suddenly decided that you’re no longer a neutral person and red is the new you, don’t jump right in with a bright red sofa or red-painted walls!  Before making a large financial commitment, best to test out your new style with some inexpensive pieces.  Try some new accessories, accent pillows, or even a small room to change the space without breaking the bank.

Learn how to Transform Your Space with Accessories in my easy tutorial!

Most of us would prefer to decorate our homes and be “done”, but since our homes should be a reflection of us and we are constantly evolving, our homes need to evolve and change. 

So the next time you shop for decor or furniture, make sure you consider ALL of the options and then focus on the things you’re attracted to the most, even if they are outside of your comfort zone!

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  1. Thank you for this post, I found some new ideas for my home from your lovely list!

  2. Kim,
    Great advice, as always. I find my default style hasn’t changed overall, but that there are some things I like to update. Like a fashion that’s gone by the wayside and you still like tailored clothing, but need to change the style of some of the basics.

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