Want to make your house a home? One way is to give your room some dimension! Here are three easy ways to add interest and decorate with dimension in your space.

Creating dimension in a home is an important element in making sure the space “feels” right.  It helps us to feel comfortable in a space and like the space is enveloping us, as opposed to us just standing in a box. 

Oftentimes, people think that creating dimension in a room means just filling it with stuff, but that isn’t true! It’s not about having things, it’s about what you have and where you put it.

Just imagine for a second, a living room full of furniture and decor but everything is lined up against the walls, outlining the perimeter of the space.  While the room would have lots of stuff in it, it wouldn’t necessarily have a lot of dimension, right?  In fact, dimension isn’t about the amount of things in a room at all! 

Imagine the same space again but this time with only the furniture basics, but again, they are all lined up against the wall.  Less stuff, but still no dimension!

So what does dimension mean when it refers to decorating?

Dimension is creating shapes, angles, and groupings that appear different than the shape of space in which they reside. 

For example, intimate furniture groupings in a room have a different shape than that of the room’s perimeter and help to add dimension.  On a smaller scale, think about mantel decor that instead of being lined up in a straight line across the mantel, has its own unique shape that is different than that of the mantel, with height, weight & filler.

Here are 3 easy ways to create visual dimension in your home:

1.  Create Layers

I am a *huge* fan of layering and have previously written about the importance of layering your decor.  Stacking items back to front creates unique shapes and angles that add interest to a space and help to change the overall.  Also, varying the height of items helps to create additional layers.

Below, I’ve layered items on my mantel from the mirror on the back wall, working forward with decorative objects, books, and candesticks.  This way, while the mantel itself is a straight line, the decor on top isn’t, thus adding dimension!

You can think of a room in much the same way.  The walls are your outside layer and you can then add objects into the space on different layers working their way to the center of the room.  Even pulling the sofa off the wall by about 2″ creates another layer! 

2. Introduce Various Colors {or Shades of Color}

Color adds tons of variety and interest to a space and when used in accessories, is an easy thing to change once you grow tired of it.  In this sense, though, color doesn’t necessarily have to mean different colors.  It could be a monochromatic color palette that uses various shades of a color!

The nice thing about using a variety of colors is that color is an easy way to add a visual layer to the space, even if it’s physically on the same layer as another object.  Window treatments, for example, are on the same physical layer as the wall, but if they are a different color {or shade}, our eyes will read them differently.  The same is true for pillows on a sofa. 

Here’s a look at Restoration Hardware’s Lorraine chair exactly the way that it’s sold in the store, where the lumbar pillow matches the upholstery.

It’s a beautiful chair but it doesn’t have a lot of dimension!  The addition of a different lumbar pillow or even a throw adds some dimension to the chair, which gives it more interest.

3. Use Texture

Texture is such an important element in creating dimension in a space because it gives interest and variety to the different surfaces in a space.  So if, for example, you have a linen sofa, consider adding a velvet pillow just so that it has a different texture.  Or consider adding a sisal rug to your hardwood floor.  Maybe just a well-placed {and functional} basket in the corner so that you are layering and adding texture at the same time.  With texture, the options are limitless! 

On my bedroom mantel, I’ve combined hard, shiny textures like reflective glass and mercury glass, with softer, matte textures like old books and baskets.  Even my dress form has multiple textures between the fabric, industrial metal stand, and delicate pearls.  All of these combinations of texture help to add dimension to the mantel.

TIDBITS & TWINE Master Bedroom 2014

In my own home, I am a *huge* fan of decorating with dimension in the space because I think it helps make a house feel like a home – makes it feel more lived in. 

So the next time you hang a picture on the wall and place a furniture grouping in the center of the room, think about what other layers there are in the room and try to take advantage of them so that you can create more dimension. 

And as you layer, give thought to what other colors {shades} and textures you can introduce to further enhance the room’s dimension and interest!

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  1. I am absolutely in love that mirror on top of your mantle! Can you tell me where I could Roman numeral mirror? Thanks!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Vi – Thank you! I bought the mirror at HomeGoods a few years back and haven’t come across one similar since. Restoration Hardware has one that is somewhat similar but it’s more expensive. I’m always on the lookout for one, though, and if I ever find it I’ll post the source.

  2. Another round of great tips for home decor. Absolutely agree with all of them, I have to add that they are not self-standing, so obviously when you layer you can layer with fabrics with different textures from the same color family. Thank you for sharing.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you! You’re absolutely right – great point! :) Kim

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Teresa! :) Kim

  3. Kim,
    Great ideas. I do love the interest you find with layers. Your mantle is one of my favorites with the flower-filled trophies, books and other pieces that draw your eye.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Karen! Thank you so much!!!

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      I’m so glad you liked them!!

  4. Love these ideas -layering is a fabulous way to add interest and depth to a room!
    xo. Leslie
    Segreto Finishes

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Hi Leslie – I’m glad you liked the post. I’m a bit obsessed with layering… :) Have a great day!

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