Fifteen easy Fall decorating ideas using white pumpkins! These charming beauties can be a focal point or an accent in a vignette and give a warm and cozy feel to any room! You’ll find inspiration and decorating tips for using these charming beauties throughout your home.

If you’ve toured my home for Fall in the past, you’ll know that orange isn’t really my color. While I have a lot of neutrals in my home, I also have a lot of blues and the orange is just too jarring for my taste. I prefer a more muted look to my fall decor. And this is why I love white pumpkins!

White pumpkins are one of my favorite – if not my favorite – items to use in Fall decorating. They go with any color scheme and any decorating style. You can use them mixed with other elements or they can stand out on their own! Their flexibility is what makes them so easy to use!

Fall vignette of green apples in a white bowl with white pumpkins on a cake stand, pistachios and a copper mug

Where to Buy White Pumpkins

In my area, I typically see mini white pumpkins, known as Baby Boos, start to appear at the grocery store in September. If I purchase these in September, they’ll last me all the way through Thanksgiving without any issues, so I buy a ton of them to use around the house.

The small white pumpkins known as Casper pumpkins I either find at the grocery store (in the specialty pumpkin section) or at Trader Joe’s.

15 Ideas for Decorating with White Pumpkins

In the Kitchen

The kitchen is a very easy place to decorate with pumpkins. I believe that any decor used in the kitchen should make sense, and pumpkins in a kitchen make perfect sense!

Small white pumpkins on a cake stand with a pitcher of white roses behind and a bowl of pistachios below
Fall kitchen table centerpiece with white pitcher holding roses and eucalyptus and small white pumpkin at base
Burlap vase kitchen utensil holder with white pumpkins decorated for Fall

On Accent Tables

Whether by themselves or grouped together, white pumpkins make wonderful accents on a table. Below I used a grouping of white pumpkins to create a simple coffee table vignette!

wooden crate with four cubbies one with white pumpkins and eucalyptus one magnifying glasses one pinecones and one scrabble tiles
white pitcher with green dried hydrangea and white and blue pumpkins at the base with antler

Below is a larger version known as a Casper pumpkin that I used as part of a grouping on a sofa table.

large terracotta pumpkins next to a green one and a white one behind a sofa with eucalyptus branches

On a Bookshelf

When styling a bookshelf for Fall, simply pop some pumpkins on the shelves and maybe some dried hydrangea for a low-maintenance Fall display!

blue cabinet with white shelves decorated with antique books and white pumpkins art and dried hydrangea
black french cabinet decorated for fall with antique books trophies and dried hydrangea

By the Fireplace

Fireplaces are focal points and a great spot to highlight Fall decor. Whether used on the hearth or on the mantel, be sure to keep pumpkins away from the heat.

white brick fireplace mantel with large french clock above decorated for fall with pumpkins and eucalyptus
Closeup of blue velvet pumpkin gold candlesticks and eucalyptus on mantel

On a Dining Table

On their own, pumpkins are beautiful, but mixed with flowers they really pop!

gold and purple fall french place setting with large flower centerpiece and pear on top of plate
top down view of dried green hydrangeas in an urn with antlers and white pumpkins on top and bottom on industrial table top
Beautiful white, bone, and blush velvet pumpkins via Decor Gold Designs

In the Entry

Large pumpkins are beautiful on a porch, but smaller ones in the entryway make a cozy welcome for guests!

A gorgeous entry from Southern Living
entryway with wooden french mirror and wood and burlap bench eucalyptus and pumpkins and antique cane collection

Are White Pumpkins Edible?

Yes! White pumpkins, just like their orange counterparts, are edible! You can substitute them for orange pumpkins in most recipes, including pumpkin pie and pumpkin soup. Another bonus? You can toast the seeds for a salty snack.

Now I’ve never personally eaten the Baby Boo pumpkins because they’re too small and seem like too much work. Instead, at the end of the season, I give these to my local zoo who feed them to the animals! Casper pumpkins, on the other hand, work well for baking.

Plastic White Pumpkins

If you can’t find white pumpkins or don’t want to invest year after year, there are some really great fake alternatives! Here are some of my favorites.

You can also buy an orange pumpkin and simply paint it white. Ta-da!

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  1. These are some great ideas Kim. I especially like the white pumpkins mixed in with eucalyptus, hydrangeas and pine cones. I pinned the mantel/hearth picture because I liked the simplicity and also your foyer picture (with some others) !!

  2. Rosemarie Kyzer says:

    Beautiful ideas, I’m going to use your blue velvet (mantel piece) inspired pumpkins. And in addition to doing white pumpkins I’ll try doing some in blush. Thank you!!

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