When decorating for Fall, look to nature for your décor inspiration. Here are 8 easy natural Fall decorating ideas that will give you a beautiful Fall feel without breaking the bank!

Let’s talk Fall decorating. Just like anything else, Fall decorating can be a Style or a Theme. And it seems that Fall has become quite the retail occasion in recent years, so there is so much Fall décor to choose from that it can be overwhelming! There’s everything from pillows, to scarecrows, cornucopias, and even miniature hay bales! Happy Fall Y’all! No….

But that’s not what this post is about. Today I want to focus on natural Fall decorating.

Fall Decorating with Natural Elements

Decorating for Fall doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. In fact, decorating with natural elements helps create a Fall style that brings the outdoors in and reflects the beauty of the season! Plus, my decorating with readily-available items from the yard or grocery store is an expensive way to bring a Fall feel to your home.

I love using nature as an inspiration for Fall decorating. I mean, after all, nature is the original Fall decor! You can see my Easy Fall Decorating in the Family Room for ideas, or even Simple Fall Ideas for the Kitchen! And don’t think that decorating with natural elements can only create a simple, casual feel. Just check out my Beautiful Fall French Tablescape!

A few elements found in nature are all you need to create the perfect Fall feeling in your home. Simple things like leaves, dried flowers, Autumn fruits are all you need to just add a few Fall touches without breaking the bank.

Fruits & Vegetables

Pumpkins are an obvious Fall vegetable. While many are orange, Baby Boos are small white pumpkins, and many grocery stores now sell the fancy varieties, including Blue Jarrahdale and Fairytale.

Fall decor of two large pumpkins one orange one green on a console table behind a sofa with eucalyptus

Beyond just pumpkins, the grocery store is one of my favorite places to look for Fall fruit. Winter fruits like apples and pears make beautiful displays. Plus, let’s be honest, they’re practical!

Fall table setting using jewel toned flowers and burgundy place settings
White bowl of green apples with apple turnover on a plate for Fall

Nuts & Pinecones

Historically, nuts were a Fall food, which is why they give us a Fall feeling {even though now we can buy them year-round}. Acorns and walnuts tend to be my favorite nuts to use as decor, but any will work {well…okay, not peanuts}.

Vintage urn holding dried hydrangeas with bowl of acorns underneath
Vintage trophy cup holding acorns for Fall decor

Similarly, the brown color and heavy texture of pinecones make them a perfect choice for Fall decorating. Even better, you can continue to use them for Winter.

Table centerpiece for Fall with white pitcher holding white roses on a bread board with pinecone and pumpkin

Dried Flowers

Fresh, seasonal flowers like mums are a great option. But dried flowers work, too, and since you can use them year to year, they’re cost-effective. Hydrangeas and roses dry nicely, so they are easy to use. I’m also lumping dried wheat into this category.

Black styled bookshelf holding vintage books and dried flowers for Fall
Wire basket holding fruit and sunflowers on kitchen counter for Fall

If you have some fresh hydrangeas, you can dry them for use in Fall using my Easy Method for Drying Hydrangeas

Leaves & Berry Branches

Individual leaves can be scattered around or clustered together in a bowl. You can also put a few branches with leaves in a vase for a nice Fall display. I use a lot of eucalyptus, but really any type of foraged leaf or branch will do.

  • Maples
  • Oaks
  • Eucalyptus
  • Olive
  • Magnolia
  • Bittersweet berries

Fall decorated mantel decorated with eucalyptus white and blue pumpkins and dried hydrangeas
Fall dining table with wooden box overflowing with eucalyptus hydrangeas and white pumpkins

Antlers & Feathers

Nature includes animals, so we can look to animals for more Fall décor inspiration! I have a pair of antlers that I picked up at the antique fair a few years ago. I usually only bring them out for Fall decorating. Feathers also work well {note that they work for Spring, too!}.

Magnifying glass showing bird feathers under a cloche next to a nest with bird eggs
Dried green hydrangeas in a white pitcher with mini pumpkins and antler at the base

Warm Metals: Gold/Copper

As the weather gets cooler, bring in warmer metals like gold and copper. Both metals bring in the natural colors of Autumn without being too harsh.

Fall dining table with dripping white candles in a gold taper with blue and white pumpkins
Fall farmhouse kitchen with three tier wooden tray holding copper mugs and pears


Using a lot of wood for Fall decorating is a natural fit since it reminds us of the bare branches we see out the window. You don’t have to stick to just branches for your décor, though! Anything made from a rough wood will bring in a lot of texture and warmth to your space.

French Farmhouse foyer entryway decorated for fall with large wooden mirror and burlap bench
Wooden tray with compartments holding Fall items like pumpkins, pinecones and wooden scrabble tiles

Heavy Knits & Fabrics

With cooler weather comes warmer fabrics! A nice chunky cable knit throw or pillow is the perfect Fall accent piece. Even heavier materials like burlap are nice at this time of year. My burlap vase always makes its debut in Fall!

Burlap covered vase holding kitchen utensils in a French farmhouse kitchen
White slipcovered sofa with blue cableknit throw in Fall family room

More Fall Decorating Ideas

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