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Tidbit Tuesday: The Power of Stripes

TidbitTuesdayDottyUsing stripes in decorating can work to your advantage by tricking the eye.  Horizontal stripes can make a small or narrow room appear wider (a fact I learned the hard way from an unfortunate purchase of horizontal striped pants!).  To make a room seem taller, use vertical stripes.


In your mind, you’re probably picturing striped painted walls, right?  Well, that’s one way to accomplish the look, but it’s a bolder step than many are willing to take.  Other, more subtle ways, include a striped rug or even hanging your curtains from floor to ceiling to create long, vertical lines within a space.  Just look how much taller the window on the right looks in the picture below!

Tidbits&Twine How to Hang Curtains
{via The Long and The Short of It}

Stripes are very classic and can work in any room and any style, but in general, horizontal stripes tend to be more modern looking than vertical.  Also, tone-on-tone stripes, or even using a single color but two different finishes, creates a more refined and muted look, whereas contrasting or bright colors creates a more playful or edgy feel.

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Tidbit Tuesday: Mess-Free Painting Tip


This weekend, I finally started using my CeCe Caldwell Limited Edition Chesapeake Blue chalk paint.  In general, I’m not a very tidy painter and tend to slop paint over the sides of the can.  But as you can see from the photo below, this paint can is special, as it was signed for me by CeCe Caldwell herself!  So of course I don’t want paint running down the side of this can!

I finally implemented a little trick that I learned at chalk painting class and thought I’d share this trick with you on Tidbit Tuesday.  Before you start painting, wrap a wide rubber band around the paint can from top to bottom.  You can then wipe the excess paint off of your brush on the rubber band instead of on the side of the paint can.  This not only keeps the paint can clean but also saves paint, as the excess spills back into the can instead of down the sides!  Hooray for mess-free painting!

Tidbit Tuesday Rubber Band Around Paint Can


Have a happy Tuesday!


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Tidbit Tuesday: Get a Little Boost from Books

You can use stacked books as pedestals to give height to art and other objects in a display.  This concept works well on bookshelves, but can also be used on coffee tables for giving a vase of flowers a little boost, and on mantels, such as shown in the image below.  I’ve even used larger books underneath a lamp that wasn’t quite as tall as I wanted on an end table!

Stacked Books Tidbits&Twine
{via Karen Lidbeck-Brent}


So if you need to add a bit of height, don’t forget that books can make a convenient and inexpensive pedestal!




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