A look at four European antiques to collect to create beautiful displays in your home!

light pink roses in white ironstone sugar bowl on top of antique books with cedar branches and small pink christmas ornaments at base

Some antiques you just need one or two…but others are fun to create a collection! So I’m sharing four antiques you can start collection to create beautiful displays in your own home.

Santos Dolls

I adore Santos dolls, particularly Santos cage dolls.  I have a few in my home and unfortunately, these might be the only two I purchase since my husband finds them a little creepy…  But to me, they amazing works of art!  I love their serene expressions, delicate features and soft, beautiful colors.

Santos dolls can be difficult to find so collecting them is a slow process, but they make beautiful groupings. Get the details here.

fully articulated santos doll painted dark yellow sitting on coffee table with plant in vase behind


Demijohns are beautiful glass bottles that are both decorative and functional! You can create groupings with them or use them as focal points and vases. Reproduction demijohns are fairly easy to find, but antiques also exist in abundance.

I created a complete guide to demijohns to help you understand how to identify an antique vs a reproduction and where to buy them!

wood demilune console table with green trumeau mirror above and french sconces on either side on ballet white painted wall

White Ironstone

I love finding multiple uses for objects and one thing that I can find endless uses for is ironstone.  I found my first piece of white ironstone at an antique fair, and as soon as I saw it, I was hooked!  Not only do the vintage pieces have history and character, but white ironstone can be used with any decorating style and any color scheme.  Win-win!

Gadet Canes

Gadget Canes, also sometimes known as Trick Canes, are utilitarian with an {often hidden} duel purpose. Who doesn’t love a secret cane? They are so 007….

For example, it could be a walking stick that doubles as a measuring tape, seat, compass, or umbrella. There are others that are more along the lines of smuggling, and double as flasks, snuff boxes, or swords!

Antiques have so much history and I love decor with a story! Here are some of my favorite online stores for French antiques. I also create a guide to my favorite local antique stores if you’re ever in the area.

Grain Sacks

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time, you know I love vintage grain sacks.  I love the neutral color and the heavy texture.  I love that they are stamped, dated and decorated.  And I love the idea of taking something that was used years ago for a utilitarian purpose and transforming it into something else! 

There are SO many uses for antique grain sacks and I’ve outlined 12 of their everyday uses here.

What antiques do you collect?

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  1. Opal Richard says:

    Two weeks ago I stopped at Goodwill and bought an Ironstone pitcher and a large bowl for-are you ready?- $16! The pitcher is an Alfred Meakin! It’s my first one since deciding to start collecting ironstone. It is gorgeous and prettier and more ornate than any I saw on Etsy! I’m a very happy lady! The bowl isn’t a Meakin but the salesperson insisted they be sold together so u have that too! xxxooo Opal 😊💕

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