Come on in for a tour of my home all decorated for Christmas! Sharing my living room, dining room, entry, guest bedroom, and primary bedroom all dressed up for the holiday season.

blue and white french christmas tree with fireplace mantel in background with white stockings and white feather trees

Earlier in the season, I shared a tour of my living room with you. I also created tutorials for how to flock a tree and how to add ribbon loops.

silver ornaments in white ironstone bowl with greenery around and feather tree in background

I also shared my dining room with you, dressed in blues, whites, and silvers for a Winter Wonderland look.

Today, I’m sharing a look at a few more spaces so you can see other areas of my home decorated for Christmas.

Front Entry

That’s as far as my tour went, but I did take a few other snaps from around the house that I’m sharing with you today. Like my front door! I embellished a simple wreath by adding gold berries, magnolia leaves, and a bow.

black front door with brass lion door knocker and green christmas wreath on door with a polka dot bow

I also added my favorite vintage-style bells. You can find similar ones on my list of French Christmas Decor.

closeup of antique brass bells hanging from a christmas wreath on a black front door

Once inside the door, the entryway is decorated with greens, “snow”, and ornaments. The little sled underneath the table is new this year. I loved it so much that I went back and bought a second one!

Entryway with small table decorated for Christmas with greens in a french urn flanked by white christmas trees and a blue french trumeau mirror on the wall
french urn filled with Christmas greenery with trumeau mirror behind and white snow at base

Living Room

Right off the entryway is the living room. Here are a few more pics that I didn’t share in the full tour. Like my latern filled with ornaments!

lantern filled with ornaments and a large bow on top in front of a Christmas tree

I couldn’t decide whether I liked this picture and so ultimately, didn’t share it. But it does show how my living room and dining room connect.

basket tray full of silver ornaments with greenery and white feather tree with seating area in background

There’s no purpose to this picture other than I thought it was pretty! Putting ornaments in bowls is one of my favorite ways to decorate because it’s so easy, yet festive. Here’s a guide to other 10 minute Christmas decorating ideas.

antique gold candelabra with ironstone bowl of silver and white christmas ornaments at the base

Family Room

Over in my family room, I have a couple of little trees that I love and use every year. This year, I put them in my new-to-me urns.

neutral family room with french urn holding small tree on coffee table with ornaments and bells at base

I also filled a round dough bowl with beautiful votives, small lights, and more “snow”.

dough bowl full of glass votives with candles and a feather boa tucked around them with Christmas greens around bowl

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom received its usual red plaid treatment this year! This is the only room in the house that I decorate in traditional Christmas colors but I feel like the black furniture really lends itself to a traditional look.

Since I last photographed this room, I’ve changed the artwork on the walls and updated the area rug.

bedroom with black twin bed and white bedding decorated for christmas with red plaid and black secretary hutch on side of bed
bedroom with black black French secretary hutch on side of twin bed decorated for christmas with red ribbons and greenery

So many people have asked me about this little hutch. But I’m ready for this room to get a makeover and that means the hutch needs to go….!

bedroom with black French secretary hutch decorated for christmas with red ribbons and greenery

Primary Bedroom

And last but not least on today’s tour, my primary bedroom. I love having a tree in our room and this year, I used my Balsam Hill European Fir, which is a tree I’ve had for two years now but have never previously shared with you!

bedroom with european fir christmas tree decorated with white ornaments and candles next to a fireplace with blue shutters above mantel

I kept this tree super simple with just white ornaments, pearl garland, and my favorite LED candles.

closeup of christmas tree decorated with white ornaments pearl garland and clip on LED candles with fireplace in background

The mantel is decorated with mercury glass votives, greenery, and a few hydrangeas.

bedroom fireplace with mantel decorated for christmas with white trees greenery and hydrangeas and tree in the corner

When the flowers die, I’ll replace them with my favorite faux flowers. The greenery should last me all season, though, because I treated it to ensure it would stay fresh longer!

closeup of christmas floral arrangement with hydrangea white roses and christmas greenery in a mercury glass vase

The table at the end of my bed just has a sprinkling of simple Christmas decorations.

small french table at end of bed with brass candelabra and ornaments with christmas tree and fireplace in the background
small french table at end of bed with brass candelabra and ornaments with christmas tree and fireplace in the background

Next year, this tree will be in my living room and I’ve already made my plans for how it will be decorated!

bedroom with european fir christmas tree decorated with white ornaments and candles next to a fireplace with blue shutters above mantel

That’s it for this year’s Christmas tour! I’m going to take a little break to be with my family and I wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season.

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  1. Your home looks beautiful! Where can I find the white stockings and holders?

  2. Diane Lautz says:

    Love your mirror (with the faux clock face) over your mantle. Where can I find one??

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