When you think about bold decorating ideas, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is color – right?  Or maybe pattern?

Colorful Rooms Make a Bold Statement

Colorful Furniture | John David Edison Interior Design

Bold living room with colorful furniture and black trim
{via John David Edison}

Emerald Green Walls | Horchow

Yes, a fabulous emerald room is definitely bold…

Bedroom with green walls and navy blue and white bedding
{via Horchow}

Yellow European Home | Tidbis&Twine

…as are yellow walls with colorful accents…

Yellow hallway in european home with green accent chairs and plaid curtains
via Tidbits&Twine

Bold Blue Dining Room | Leslie Unruh

…or even a room steeped in Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

Formal dining room with blue walls and blue chairs
via Lesley Unruh

I agree that color – and even pattern – is a great way to make a bold statement in your home, but what about us neutral-lovers?  Or those of us that prefer softer, more muted colors? 

Does the absence of a strong color mean that we can’t use bold decorating ideas our home, too?  Not at all!

Sometimes, being bold is a statement, not a color.

Bold Decorating Ideas Without Using Color

Bold decorating ideas that don't require color

1.  Unique Shapes

Furniture that has a unique shape can be an attention grabber, even if it doesn’t sport a bold color or print.

French Balloon Chair | Restoration Hardware

An ordinary bedroom can become quite dramatic with the addition of some interesting furniture pieces such as a bed or chair.

Toddler's room with French balloon Versailles chair add canopy bed purple bedding
{via Restoration Hardware Baby & Child}

Half Canopy Bed | Tidbits&Twine

European bedroom with canopy above bed and wooden beam ceiling

2. Scale

Drama can be created with an oversized item, whether it’s a piece of furniture or decor. With an oversized item, your eye will instantly recognize it as a focal point.

Ornate Mirrored Headboard | Linen Haus Design

A standard bedroom is given a dramatic feel with an oversized ornate mirrored headboard, which sets the tone for the entire space.

Oversized Gallery Wall | Simple Everyday Glamour

This stairwell is given a dramatic impact with the addition of an oversized gallery wall featuring dogs!

3. Collections

When grouped together, collections can have tremendous impact, while at the same time, expressing a bit about our personalities and interests! 

Antique Ironstone Collection | Savvy Southern Style

A china cabinet typically holds glassware, but packed with an antique ironstone collection and this china cabinet instantly becomes a show stopper!

White ironstone collection in a dining hutch with blue inside

Hanging Basket Collection | Interiors Magazine

Grouped together and hung on the wall, these baskets make a statement in the entryway.

Collection of round baskets hanging above a wooden bench

4. Materials

Material choices can create a dynamic and unique look and make quite a bold statement, even if they are neutral in color.

Herringbone Planked Wall | Mr. Kate

This DIY herringbone planked wall is unexpected in this space and immediately grabs your attention even though it is neutral in color.

DIY herringbone planked wall in baby nursery
via Mr. Kate

Pebble Floor | Emily Henderson

While white in color, this pebble floor in the bathroom is a bold choice!

Bathroom with shiplap walls pebble floor and freestanding tub
via Emily Henderson

5. The Unexpected

Sometimes, using an unexpected element in a room can grab our attention and make a bold statement.  It’s something out of the ordinary that piques our interest!

French Dining Room | French Country Cottage

Wouldn’t you agree that Courtney’s plywood chalkboard is a bold – and unexpected – find for a dining room?

Dining Room Office | Duo Ventures

Even daring to use a room in a way other than how it was intended can be bold, like a dining room that’s been converted to an office. You probably never expected that!

6. Architecture

Interesting, unique or dramatic architectural elements easily lend themselves to creating a bold space.  Even if a home isn’t built with these elements, they can be added as part of the decor.

Planked Ceiling | Minnie Peters

This planked ceiling draws your eye upwards and helps tie together the warm wood tone of the kitchen island.

Stone Walls and Wooden Beams | Kara Childress

The gorgeous sculptural beams and stone walls add a sense of grandeur to this formal living room.

Formal European living room with stone walls and wooden beam arches
{via Kara Childress}

Final Thoughts – Adding Drama Without Color

Making bold decorating choices is more than just choosing a strong color – it’s about making a strong statement.  And as long as you love what you’re using and feel it reflects your style, then go for it!  Be brave and be bold!

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bold decorating ideas without using color

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  1. So beautiful. Thank you!

  2. I’m surprised that you shared my collection. Glad to be among all this beauty.

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      Kim – Your collection is fantastic!! Too good not to share! :)

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  4. Being a neutral girl it is nice to know we can find ways to be bold and beautiful too without using bright colors. This was a great post. Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful week end.

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Kris! Have a great weekend!

  5. This is such a GREAT post! Your insight is perfect and all of these photos illustrate your information beautifully. Thanks for easing the anxieties of us neutral-lovers :)

    1. User Avatar Tidbits&Twine says:

      Thank you, Julie!

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