Get to know the inspiring interior designer, Eleanor Cummings! She mixes gorgeous reclaimed materials into her designs to create a timeless look that’s both elegant and comfortable.

10 years ago, the April 2012 cover of Traditional Home stopped me in my tracks. I fell in love with this seating area. I felt like I’d want to sit there and relax and drink my morning coffee. The space looked elegant but casual. I loved the way the curtains puddled on the floor, the oversized vase on the oversized table, and everything else about this image.

It was then that I fell in love with the work of Eleanor Cummings!

I now have my very own wine tasting table nestled between two side chairs and an oversized rustic vase. And all because I was inspired by Eleanor’s design.

So let’s look at more of her beautiful work in hopes you might be inspired, too!

Eleanor’s Personal Home

Eleanor Cummings lives just outside of Round Top, Texas. Her home sits on a beautiful piece of flat land, surrounded by fields. With the help of architect Kirby Mears, Eleanor was able to build her vision of something “simple and straightforward“.

The design for the house includes a classic French mansard roof, but you might notice that this one looks a bit different. Made of metal, it’s better suited to the Texas sun!

Eleanor opted to leave the cement slab floors exposed and simply painted them gray!

What’s interesting is to note the clean lines, white walls, and cement floors. Decorated differently, these could have a contemporary look. But combined with reclaimed woods like an antique French orchard table and a French limestone fireplace sourced from Chateau Domingue in the living room, for example, the space is transformed!

And the kitchen…So much light streams in through the beautiful windows and settles on an old French pastry table.

Her Design Style

Nailing down Eleanor’s design style is a bit tricky. In looking at her client projects, Eleanor is able to create a wide range of styles. If you look closely, though, you’ll see worn woods and antiques peeking through each space.

For example, Eleanor used antique building materials to give this brand new build an old feel.

Here’s another one of her projects in Memorial, Texas. It looks more refined but still comfortable and relaxed.

This kitchen is full of charm and history, but it still plays well with the modern seating that sits adjacent.

And speaking of elegance, here’s a look at a home whose design goal was Parisian chic!

And before you get fooled into thinking that Eleanor only sticks to neutrals, I’ll throw these examples in for you!

Of course, my personal favorites are Eleanors’s designs that evoke a sense of the European countryside.

And then there’s the design project that kicked off my love of antique wine tasting tables…the West University, Texas project.


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  1. This was a real treat! I didn’t expect to enjoy this tour as much as I did. My favorite is the first living room photo; it looked inviting and relaxing. Thank you for sharing !!

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