Looking for free Fall Frame TV art? I’m giving you some great options plus everything you want to know about a Samsung Frame TV!

One thing I haven’t talked a lot about is my Samsung Frame TV! I love to change the art displayed on the TV and I change it often. So as I prepared for the upcoming Fall season, I thought I’d share some of the Fall art I made with you!

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You probably first saw my new TV in my most recent Spring tour.

My TV is currently sitting a bit too high above my mantel because I’m waiting on a new surround that I suspect will be a bit taller….but more about that later.

In the meantime, use the Table of Contents below to quickly navigate to the section you want!

Why I Chose the Frame TV

The way my family room is situated, my fireplace in the focal point of the room. Admittedly, my fireplace is nothing special to look at, but until I change it, it is what it is!

We don’t actually use the family room for watching TV unless the kids have friends over or we’re doing family night. So for 90% of the time, the TV is off. And black. And boring.

Who needs a big black rectangle as a focal point?

So, we finally bought a Frame TV so that I can display art on it for the 90% of the time that it’s not in use. And yes, I know that some Smart TVs allow you to put pictures on them, but they are not the same.

Because, unlike other TVs, the Frame TV sits flat against the wall and looks exactly like a piece of art.

Why I Love my Frame TV

The biggest reason that I love my Frame TV is that I no longer stare at a black rectangle on the wall! But here are some other things I enjoy:

  • It sits completely flush against the wall, unlike other TV, so that it truly looks like a picture frame
  • There is one small cord for the TV that runs to its control box
  • The control box can be hidden in a cabinet or any type of door if you want to conceal it
  • It has QLED 4K Technology which means that you can stream any type of service on the TV
  • The frame around the TV, called a Bezel, is sometimes included with the TV and sometimes sold separately, depending on the retailer
  • The Bezel comes in white, light brown, dark brown, silver, red, or black. It’s magnetic and easily snaps to the outside of the TV
  • You can upgrade your Bezel with a beautiful frame from Deco TV Frames, just as I did
  • The Frame TV is available in sizes ranging from 32″ to 85″
  • Pricing ranges from about $600 to $4300, but they often go on sale
  • New for 2022, the Frame TV comes with a matte display that minimizes reflections so your art looks even more like, well, art!

About My Frame TV

Just so you have an idea what you’re looking at in my home, here are the details of my TV:

  • My Frame TV is 50″ so that gives you an idea as to how it looks on the wall
  • I purchased mine from BestBuy during a sale, and mine came with the Bezel
  • Originally, I selected the light wood Bezel for my TV
  • I later upgraded to the Antique & Gold frame from Deco TV Frames’ Premier Series so that the TV would have more of a visual presence
  • The Premiere Series frames start at $299 for a 32″ TV and run up to $1,000 for an 85″ TV
  • While expensive, the upgraded frame was worth every penny to me! The quality is amazing and the construction is superb, making installation a breeze.
  • The box that runs my Frame TV is located in the bottom section of the black cabinet to the left of the fireplace
  • The installer simply drilled through the sheetrock and made a hole through the outside of my fireplace to run the cable. The cable then comes back into the house behind the cabinet where the box is located.

Fall Frame TV Art

I do change my artwork seasonally and to match my decor. Or sometimes just based on my mood!

The Frame TV is made for displaying art and Samsung does offer a subscription service to their Art Store. But I prefer to find and size my own art so that I can ensure it’s something I really love!

Today I’m sharing some of my favorites with you. You can download and use these for FREE in your own home! All of the images are from the Public Domain.

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Currently, I love moody art so I’ve chosen a few pieces that have this feel. I also prefer simple images but I’ve included a mix here.

Free Fall Art for You

Here are four gorgeous vintage pieces to choose from. I’ve mocked them up in my black and gold frame so you can see how they’ll look on your TV!

I’ve sourced and sized these images to 3840×2160 so that they’ll fit perfectly on your Frame TV.

To get these images, simply click the button below to download them.

More Fall Digital Art

Looking for more? Here are 12 more options for you to choose from and yes, they’re all FREE! If you’re already a subscriber, you can access all of the art in my Exclusive Content section. The password is at the bottom of every email I send.

How to Add Art to your Frame TV

Download the Smart Things app to your phone and connect to your TV (you have to be on the same network to connect)

  1. Download and save the images to your phone
  2. On the SMART THINGS app, go to ART MODE
  3. Select ADD YOUR PHOTOS+
  4. Navigate to the location where you’ve saved the photos you want to use on your Frame TV. Remember that photos should be sized to 3840x2160px to fit perfectly
  5. Choose NO MAT
  6. Hit SET and watch your art appear on your TV!
  7. Use the three dots in the upper right corner on your app to adjust the color and brigthness

For now, I’m going with this moody portrait…

Where to Buy a Samsung Frame TV

If I were you, I’d wait for a sale because they DO go on sale regularly. You can check out these retailers to see their sale price and what Bezel options they offer:

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