Do you want to score the best deals and find great items at HomeGoods? Here are seven HomeGoods secrets that expert shoppers follow to find those perfect items. Plus, learn the one thing experts NEVER do!

I love shopping at HomeGoods. It’s probably my favorite store to shop at partly because they have great prices and partly because I love the thrill of the hunt.

Some of you might feel you never find anything good at HomeGoods, while others might be overwhelmed by the chaos of the store. The inventory is ever-changing and once something is gone, it’s gone.

The beauty of HomeGoods is that they carry top brands at discount prices. But they also stay current with trends, so you can get the latest and greatest without spending a fortune!

Whether you’re already a HomeGoods lover, or someone who hasn’t yet experienced the joy, the key is knowing HOW to shop at HomeGoods. I’ve rounded up my favorite HomeGoods secrets that I use to ensure I have the best luck while shopping.

1. Shop with an Open Mind

While it’s good to know what you want, if you walk into the store focused solely on the item you’re looking for, you’re bound to miss seeing other great things!

So many of my favorite purchases are from trips when I was just browsing, with no expectations. Like when I stumbled across this gorgeous reproduction Trumeau mirror.

Entryway with blue trumeau mirror and demilune table decorated for Spring

And don’t just walk up and down the aisles! Oftentimes, HomeGoods creates displays where they combine furniture, lighting art, plants, etc. So the lamp you might fall in love with might not be in the lamp section, but displayed next to a sofa!

When shopping HomeGoods, check the aisles, endcaps and room displays.

2. Think Outside the Box

This is similar to shopping with an open mind…While HomeGoods is somewhat organized by department and item, sometimes you need to get a bit creative. Like this great jar that I use to hold extra bars of soap in my primary bathroom! This wasn’t in the bathroom area but rather in the kitchen section!

Maybe you’re looking for a throw pillow and don’t see one you love. Instead, look in the curtain section and the kitchen tablecloths. These items are often less expensive than if you were to buy the yardage at a fabric store!

HomeGoods is one way to get a high-end look for less. Here are 11 more tips for Decorating on a Budget.

3. Dig In

This is really where the thrill of the hunt come in. You can’t just look at a shelf and assume you’ve seen it all. You really have to get in there, move things around, and check to see what might be hiding in the back.

Just because you only see 1 of the perfect pillow, doesn’t mean there isn’t another lurking somewhere. It might be in a different section or maybe it got smooshed behind another pillow and isn’t visible. This amazing Mansard mirror was hiding in the clearance section…

Hands-free is the way to shop if you want to really make sure you see everything!

4. Buy & Try

This is always my motto, not just with HomeGoods.

Stores have bad lighting and that pillow that looks beige in the store might turn gray in your home! Not to mention that HomeGoods rarely restocks with the same item so when it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you see something you like or think might work for your home, go ahead and buy it and try it! HomeGoods has a 30-day return policy so if it doesn’t work out, you can return it. Just be sure to keep the sales tag on the item and keep hold of your receipt.

No receipt? No problem. HomeGoods will still accept returns but you’ll get the current price for the item and your return will be issued as a store credit. That’s still better than holding onto an item you don’t love just because you can’t find the receipt!

And did you know you can put items on HOLD? You can! So if you find something and perhaps need to go home and measure or bring a significant other to weigh in on your purchase, ask an employee to put your selection on Hold.

5. Shop Seasonal Early

HomeGoods tends to put their seasonal decor out just a bit earlier than others. So while it might be a sunny 100-degree day in August, if you’re not buying your Fall decor, you’re missing out. Like everything at HomeGoods, when it’s gone it’s gone. This means that if you don’t snatch up those gorgeous mercury glass Christmas ornaments in October, you won’t see them again.

6. Select the Best Stores

I am lucky to have three HomeGoods stores near me, but they are not all the same. Just because you’ve seen one doesn’t mean that you’ve seen them all! Not all stores are alike. Some are bigger than others. Some tend to carry more furniture, while others have more art.

Be sure to check out all of the HomeGoods in your area and figure out what each one does best and which tends to have the best stuff most often. Going to the best stores will help ensure you have the best chances of finding something great!

7. Pick the Right Days/Times

I like to shop weekdays, Tuesday through Friday. And late Friday afternoon is my personal favorite because they’re prepping for the weekend rush.

But you really have to pay attention to when your local store restocks. Many restock later in the day so that they are ready for the next morning, so I like to shop while they are putting things out. But first thing in the morning is best if you want everything to be stocked and fresh!

Weekends tend to be the busiest and the most picked over, especially if you’re looking for seasonal decor. Mondays tend to be catch-up day replenishing the the weekend, which is why Mondays aren’t as good as other days.

I’m sure you have friends who always find the BEST things at HomeGoods! And maybe they’re just lucky, but they probably follow the tips above. And I guarantee there’s one thing they NEVER do.

+ 1 Thing Experts Don’t Do

HomeGoods is a discount store with inventory that is constantly changing. While it’s somewhat organized, it can still look a bit messy and overwhelming to some. But an expert shopper knows that you never just browse the aisles.

You have to look on the aisles, check the end caps, dig through the clearance section, move things around on shelves, shop the room displays, and even continue to shop in the checkout line! Because things aren’t always where you think they should be, you really have to give the entire store a once-over!

I hope these HomeGoods secrets will increase your chances of finding great items on your next trip.

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  1. Kim,
    You always inspire me to shop Home Goods with more patience. I love your finds and your style. Fun post, as always. I always appreciate your insight and inspiration.
    Karen B.

  2. I love Home Goods and 100% agree with your shopping tips. My end-of-the-bed bench was an unexpected find. I don’t remember why I went into the store but I took one look and knew it was the perfect finishing touch for my bedroom. My dining room rug was also an “impulse” purchase. I wanted a rug but I wasn’t actively looking for one that day. I recently bought a fabric shower curtain and made a faux-Roman shade for my newly trimmed-out window. A window panel purchased on clearance was the perfect “yardage” for making a dust ruffle and toss pillows for the new daybed in my guest room. I do have one more tip for those of us who like to DIY. I needed a slim console to hold my new TV. I found the perfect size at Home Goods. It was also solid wood and fully assembled. The only thing that held me back was the rather weathered grayish finish. I knew I could change the finish to something more my style so it came home with me. I lived with it for a couple of months before I used General Finishes Gel Stain to change the finish to antique walnut. That was a lot cheaper than waiting until I found a console table that was the perfect color, size etc., and had the added benefit of being personalized just for me!

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