Get inspired by Lauren Liess, an amazing interior designer whose style embraces authenticity, not perfection. Known for her relaxed style and down-to-earth approach, she creates timeless, curated looks that celebrate home.

Lauren Liess may be a name you’re already family with. After all, she’s a busy woman! Perhaps you’ve seen her HGTV show Best House on the Block. Or maybe you’ve read one of the three books she published. Or perhaps you’re familiar with her retail store, or her collections, or her interior design studio….you get the picture.

The point is, she’s popular for a reason. And that reason is because she has a beautiful and unique style that resonates with so many! My hope as you read this is that you’ll be inspired by her designs and perhaps, find a way to incorporate a bit of her approach in your own decorating!

In 2007 and after completing an education in design via distance learning, Lauren she began working as a designer. To showcase her work, she launched her first blog, Pure Style Home, and from there, her career exploded to what it is today.

Lauren’s Design Style

Lauren once referred to Brooke Giannetti as her mentor, and you’ll see similarities in their styles but she’s really created a unique style of her own.

Lauren feels inspired by nature. Perhaps that why you’ll see so many natural elements in the spaces she designs, from warm woods, stone, linen and more. It’s these elements that all some warmth and texture and make her designs feel relaxed and approachable.

Lauren’s style really isn’t about “perfection” and instead she embraces the patina and worn edges that reflect real life.

Rooms that feel like they’ve evolved over time and have “something off” in them feel more interesting to me than perfectly done spaces.

Lauren Liess

Lauren’s designs really do reflect nature, don’t they?!? Both in the color palette and the texture. But that doesn’t mean she’s afraid of color or patterns!

Despite her busy lifestyle, she still manages to have a hand in every client’s design. She starts by looking at each project holistically with function and floorplan at the top of her list. From there, she determines the feel so wants to create and uses that feeling to guide her decisions.

white kitchen with antique wood table and copper pots with wood floors and black countertops
via Lauren Liess Portforlio

Lauren Liess’ Home

This is Lauren’s own home, which she shares with her 5 children, husband David, three dogs, and a flock of chickens!

I loved seeing how she transformed an average space into something truly unique and spectacular.

Here you can see the warm and inviting kitchen she created and the cozy seating area.

I love this photo showcasing Lauren’s cabinet collection with Unique Kitchens and Baths.

You can always reach out to Lauren Liess Interiors to work with them, or even hire her for a consultation via The Expert!

I hope you enjoyed learning more about this talented designer!

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