A warm white marble bathroom remodel. Timeless elements combined with vintage touches for a perfectly curated look.

It’s been almost three years since we finished our primary marble bathroom remodel. It went from ’80s ugly to timeless beauty!

And if I could do it all over again…I wouldn’t change a thing.

But I’ve been remiss in photographing this space. Recently, though, I started sharing some videos on my Instagram page. Realizing that not all of you are on Instagram, I thought I’d share some new photos with you here today!

For those of you that weren’t here when this remodel happened, you can see the full reveal and details in this post. But here’s what it looked like when I started.

And here it is today! The arches are gone but other than that, we didn’t make any structural changes.

white marble bathroom with freestanding tub

Truthfully, the reason that I finally took updated pictures was because I finally found the perfect rug for this space after almost three years of searching! I knew I needed something to warm up the space and bring in my favorite rustic touches. This rug is the perfect addition!

Warm browns, taupes, and deep blue help tie together the vanity chair and DIY mirror that sits behind the tub.

washable rug in beige brown and blue with feet stading on it

The warm browns also gave me the perfect excuse to swap out some of my accessories like towels and art to incorporate the color palette throughout the room.

white marble bathroom floor with white vanity and cane back french chair

Marble Marble and More Marble

For those of you wondering, yes, 2″ hexagon white marble bathroom flooring is hard to maintain because of all the grout. But I still love it as much today as when we installed it.

bathroom with 2" white hexagon marble floor with subway border and white vanity

The marble on the shower walls has required no maintenance at all. Nor has the marble on the floor, actually, but cleaning all that grout is terrible I’ll admit. I finally hired a grout cleaning company to come out and sadly, they flooded the bathroom and ruin all of the baseboards. Everything had to be replaced and repainted and the grout was no cleaner when they finished.

The Freestanding bathTub

I’m obsessed with my HydroSystems Michelangelo tub. It has gorgeous lines and holds the heat really well.

freestanding tub in carrara marble bathroom with large mirror behind tub

The tub pairs perfectly with this gorgeous tub filler that reflects beautifully in the mirror.

And when I spied this chippy little bench at a warehouse sale at Elsie Green I knew I’d find a spot for it. I didn’t realize that spot would be in the bathroom, but I love the juxtaposition with all of the elegant marble!

freestanding bathtub with towel draped over side and chippy stool with book

I added a small vignette to the stool with an inexpensive orchid that I placed in a vintage iron urn. I believe that every space should have something organic and the bathroom is no exception! (Okay, so the orchid isn’t real but the little mushroom is!)

vignette next to bathtub with orchid in a french urn a candlestock and a brush

You can see a video my daughter made for me using the bath as inspiration below:

Shower Area

Over the years, I’ve been asked about my shower niche and bench a lot. You can find all of the measurements in my Bathroom Guide. But adding the pony wall to hide a shower niche might be my favorite thing about the remodel! this niche has been amazing!

carrara marble shower enclosure with pony wall and freestanding tub

I’ve only shown you pictures of a few pretty bottles lined up here. The reality, though, is that I like the giant pump bottles from Costco. I try something, change my mind, and try something else. And before I know it, this entire niche is full of shower products! But that’s what it’s for.

carrara marble shower with bench and niche with a pony wall with molding

Despite using a squeegee to wipe down the glass after each use, I’m amazed at how much soap scum is left behind. I have an easy fix that you can see on my IG page here.

Exposed Pipe Shower

This shower. Oh, this shower. It’s from Sigma Faucets and we have had zero issues with it. I love it. I chose it because the rain head and the handheld shower head are affixed to a single pole, whereas some require a second pole to be drilled into the shower wall.

carrara marble shower with pony wall next to freestanding tub with exposed pipe shower
exposed pipe shower with crosshandles in carrara marble shower walls and floor

The Vanity

And do you remember that drawing I made of my “vision” for the bathroom cabinets? I have zero artistic ability but I did take mechanical drawing in 7th grade and it seems to have paid off. Lol!

primary bathroom vanity sketch with two sinks and makeup area

I’m still happy with the design!

Full disclosure…I added the velvet trim to the sconce shades at the last minute. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the addition, so I only used tape to secure the ribbon. What do you think? Should I keep it? If so, I’ll glue it on.

double white bathroom vanity with makeup area and shelving in the center and french side chair

I don’t change the decor in the cabinets very often. At least not as often as the rest of my house…I did recently update some of it, though, to bring in some of the warmer colors from the rug.

white bathroom cabinet styled with art towels soaps and french vintage items

I found this cute #2 apothecary jar at HomeGoods last week and paired it with some art that I printed from home. The bottom shelf has a floating frame but that’s the art that came with the frame! I liked it so I left it. Lol!

white bathroom cabinet styled with french art and vintage finds

That’s it for today’s tour. What do you think of the recent updates?

carrara marble primary bathroom with freestanding tub chandelier and large french mirror

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  1. Hi Kim. I love love love the new bathroom. I’d be soaking in that tub every night. Looks very european. You did a great job designing it. And I noticed on the vanity chair that you did braiding on the back of the wicker. Love that idea. Enjoy!

  2. Just beautiful, thanks for thinking of us that don’t do Instagram and all the other new stuff..

  3. Heat up the glue gun! The ribbons provide great contrast that keep the shades from disappearing against the white tiles and cabinets. Great idea to embellish an already beautiful sconce!

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