Sometimes, the kitchen window gets lost among the other showstoppers in a kitchen and becomes and afterthought.  But for many homes, the window is paired with the sink, which means that we spend a lot of time standing there, not only looking at the view outside, but the one inside as well! Taking some time to dress up the kitchen window is a small touch that can change the entire look and feel of the kitchen.  Decorative curtain windows – whether valances, cafe curtains, shades, etc. – are a quick way to add instant color, texture and pattern to a room, but there are other fun ways to add interest, too!



1. Shelf

When a window doesn’t go all the way to the ceiling, the first thought might be to add a curtain that extends above the window to make the window appear larger,  But if you don’t wan to add a curtain, then what?!  The addition of a shelf provides extra storage and display area.   Also, for those who don’t have a view outside that they want to highlight – or perhaps have one they want to hide – a shelf helps to keep the focus inside.

{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Homedit}



2. Sconces

Sometimes, dressing up the window doesn’t directly involve the window, but rather the window area.  Side sconces add additional light while also adding character and an element of customization to the space.

Kitchen Sconces
{via Suzanne Kasler}


3. Overhead Lighting

A decorative pendant or unique light fixture can be a beautiful addition to the kitchen.  And for those that have an existing recessed light fixture, you can switch it to a pendant light with a light adapter {like the one below from Ballard Designs} that requires no hard wiring or electrical know-how.

Adjustable Overhead Lights
{via Pinterest}
Ballard Designs Light Adapter
{via Ballard Designs}


4. Ribbon

The addition of a beautiful ribbon to an existing shade or blinds is a simple touch that is easy and inexpensive to do and can be changed out according to your mood, decorating style, or season.

{via Better Homes & Gardens}
{via Better Homes & Gardens}


5. Wreath

A boxwood wreath adds a pop of color and a touch of nature and is a simple addition to the window!

{via Indulgy}
{via Indulgy}


8. Awning

This one makes the list since an awning isn’t a traditional curtain window treatment for a kitchen.  This idea is both clever and dramatic!

{via Recaptured Charm}
{via Lisa at Recaptured Charm}


7. Reclaimed Wood

An alternative to a traditional valance or curtain is to use a piece of reclaimed wood stenciled with a message like the one shown below.

{via Mary at At Home on the Bay}
{via Mary at At Home on the Bay}


8. Corbels

Decorative corbels add visual interest and character to the space, making a unique statement!  Just like the sconces, the corbels aren’t affixed directly to the window itself, but rather the area surrounding the window.

{via Jennifer Rizzo}
{via Jennifer Rizzo}



So what do you think?  Are you more of a traditional kitchen valance person or would you consider one of these alternatives?  Let me know!
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9 comments on “8 Ways to Dress Up the Kitchen Window {without using a curtain}”

    • Kris – That sounds beautiful! Just curious – where did you find the arched window? And I love the shelf idea, too. :)

  1. So many great ideas, I think I’m going to need to add more windows in my kitchen hahah! In all seriousness though I love the ideas of shelves to add special sentimental items and some yummy herbs!

  2. I love my small kitchen, too, but it’s very 1980’s. How do you feel about painting kitchen cabinets yellow? I have a West facing room but almost no natural light due to an enclosed porch off the kitchen. I pretty much settled on BM Hawthorne Yellow for the cabinets after looking at the sample boards over all times of day and night. But trying to find a wall color is frustrating! Can any of you small kitchen people have any suggestions for me? I have “super white” granite countertops, which has a lot of gray and white in it. Thanks.

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