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Easy Fall Decorating Ideas – 10 Minutes or Less

Decorating for the holidays doesn’t have to be over-the-top or difficult, it’s supposed to be fun, right?  So as you head toward Thanksgiving next week, here are some easy Fall decorating ideas to get your home into a festive, Fall feeling without breaking the bank or breaking your back!

Easy Ideas for Fall Decorating

Add Fall Foliage

Fresh or dried, Fall flowers, branches, and leaves are a great way to add a touch of nature to the room and help remind us of the season.

French farmhouse fall dining room


Grab a Few Gourds

Now is the time when you can find  gourds of all shapes, sizes, and colors to adorn your home.  Whether used as a centerpiece on the Thanksgiving table, an accent on a side table, or a display on a fireplace, gourds are inexpensive, beautiful, and a great way to decorate for Fall.


Gather Nuts & Pinecones

Bowls of nuts are a great snack, but can also be a beautiful Fall display!  A pretty dish with pinecones or even a trophy with acorns will add an instant Fall feel to the room.

Fall kitchen decor


Dim the Lights

Add a few candles to create a cozy and warm feeling.


Frame a FREE Fall Printable

Whether a cute Welcome sign or a reminder to give thanks, these printables are an easy way to add a little Fall flair.Free fall printabble with styled bookshelf


You can download all of my FREE Fall printables from my site by subscribing to new posts via email.  Click here to sign up and receive your password!

Free Fall Printable


I’ll be away next week enjoying the time with my family and I hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing Holiday!






Free Fall Printable – Grateful & Blessed

Today I’m sharing a free Fall printable with you that I recently made for my guest bedroom.  While I decorated other rooms for Fall {tour HERE}, I haven’t updated my guest room in a while, so to give it a bit of a Fall touch, I made a print that I could frame and display in the hutch.  And then as a bonus for YOU, I made 9 more!

Fall printable is styled bookshevles


I’m a sucker for hydrangea and peonies {real, fake, dried, digital – you name it, I love ’em!}, so I decided to create just a small grouping of flowers, along with feathers, leaves, and other stems.  I love the mix of blues, greens, and pinks because it’s feminine without being froo froo {does anyone still use that word??}.

Grateful and blessed free fall printable


The digital download is sized as an 8×10, but you can shrink it down to fit your needs.  I printed it full-size and placed it in a wooden frame, tucked away next to some books and ironstone…

Styled bookshelf with vintage books, ironstone and free fall printable


While not a huge change, I like the subtle hint of Fall in this room.

Fall French style guest bedroom with twin beds


For those that already subscribe to receive new posts via email, you can go directly to my Free Printables section to download {remember, the password is at the bottom of emails you receive from me}.  If you’re not already a subscriber, simply sign up HERE and once confirmed, you’ll have access.

Styled bookshelf with free fall printable


Free fall printable Grateful and Blessed from Tidbits&Twine


Plus, over the weekend, I created several other Fall printables for you!  All 10 of the Fall graphics below are available to you for your personal use in the Free Printables section of my site.

10 Free Fall Printables from Tidbits&Twine


If you download and use these, please send me pics!  I’d love to see how you’ve used them in your home. :)






5 Tips For Fall Decorating with Nontraditional Colors

Traditionally, Fall decor is defined by the colors the leaves turn in Fall – yellows, oranges, reds, and browns.  When I visit the seasonal decor aisle of any store, while there are plenty of decor items to choose from, I’d say 99% fall into the traditional color scheme.  For me, these colors just aren’t my personal favorites, so for the last few years, I’ve been making up my own Fall color scheme, and you can too with these helpful tips below!

You can make any color combination “work” for Fall.  Yes, any!  Pink and white, blue and green, purple and yellow….they can all be used for Fall decorating so long as you give them a Fall feel using the tips below.

Decorating with Nontraditional Fall Colors


1. Use a Lot of Texture

Think about it…Are Fall leaves are known for their baby-soft textures?  No!  They’re crispy and crunchy and uneven in color.  So if you like purple, for example, use purple in your Fall decor! But instead of bright purple Spring flowers, maybe used dried purple hydrangeas.  If you’ve saved and dried flowers or branches from earlier in the year, this is the time to break them out because their crispy texture is just perfect for Fall, regardless of the color.

French farmhouse fall dining room


Similarly, Fall decor – no matter the color – has a heavier feel to it.  If you’re using vases, maybe skip the clear glass {which is light and airy}, and opt for a wooden bucket or maybe burlap-wrapped jar.  If your heart is set on bright green, maybe forego the boxwood {which has smooth, glossy leaves}, and instead opt for moss, which has a brillo pad texture.

Burlap utensil holder for Fall decor

Wooden items also have a lot of texture, so breadboards, dough bowls, wood slices, etc. all work well in Fall decorating.  Bringing lots of heavy texture into your decorating scheme will help lend itself to a Fall look, regardless of the colors you’re using.


2. Include Natural Elements

Fall is a great time of year to decorate with what  nature provides.  Adding natural elements to your decor not only brings in a nice, organic shape, but it makes the home feel less like the seasonal aisle of a craft store and more like a home.  As mentioned above, dried flowers or branches are a wonderful option.  Pinecones, acorns, bark pieces, moss, stones, and even antlers are all wonderful natural elements that you can add to your home to give it a Fall feel without giving it a Fall theme.  {For more on the different between a look and a theme, read HERE.}

Pink and white nontraditional fall color mantel


And of course, feel free to decorate with pumpkins!  The nice thing is that many grocery stores now carry gourds of various colors, like white and green, that you can add to your home and blend seamlessly with your non-traditional Fall color scheme.  Craft stores and other home decor stores also sell quite a few faux pumpkins now in a variety of colors, so there are a lot of options that will allow you to decorate with pumpkins even if you don’t like orange.

Nontraditional fall color decorating ideas


3. Add an Element of Warmth

The idea of adding warmth directly coincides with the outdoor temperatures!  As it becomes colder outside, we start to dress warmer but we also keep our homes warmer.

The idea of adding warmth to your home can take on a few different forms.  One way, is to add natural light, or the hint of natural light, to your decor.  For example, add candles or votives around your home or into your Fall tablescapes.

White Fall dining tablescape with candles and baby boo pumpkins


Another way to add warmth is to put more of a focus on your fireplace, so decorating your mantel to draw the eye to the fireplace to subconsciously make one thing about fire.  Even if your fireplace doesn’t work, this would be the perfect time of year to fill the fire box with candles or even pumpkins, to emphasize that element of warmth!  {You can find more ideas for non-working fireplaces HERE}

French fall fireplace mantel decorating nontraditional colors


Lastly, You can also strategically place throws on furniture, which lend themselves to a cozy feel.



4. Sprinkle in Warm Metals

To help add another layer to your decor and another element of texture, sprinkle in some metals!  Warm metals, like gold or copper, are perfect for Fall and easily coordinate with a wide variety of color combinations.  If silver is more your speed, maybe skip the chrome and opt for galvanized steel, which while it has the same silvery color, has a rougher texture more in keeping with the Fall season.

Fall farmhouse kitchen decor

Ideas for decorating with nontraditional Fall colors



5. Stay Seasonally Appropriate

Now this tip might seem a little odd, but it’s important if you plan to use nontraditional colors, which might otherwise lend themselves to another season.  So if, for example, you’re using purple in your Fall decor, now’s not the time to break out your collection of beautiful butterfly picks to sprinkle in with your dried flowers because butterflies tend to be associated with Spring.  Similarly, if you’re using food as part of your decorating, maybe skips the limes and use apples instead.

Fall acorns in a vintage trophy cup - Fall decorating ideas


Examples of seasonally appropriate items include feathers, acorns, pinecones, gourds, owls, antlers, dried grasses, apples, pears, etc.Dining tablescape decorating with nontraditional Fall colors

As you select items to use in your Fall decor, look for items that seem seasonally appropriate because these items will help create a Fall feel, which is especially important if you aren’t using traditional Fall colors.



So the next time you’re at the store, don’t feel limited to shop only from the seasonal aisle; instead, use the tips above to find things that will provide a Fall feel in any color scheme you choose!



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