A look at my neutral Fall dining room! An idea for everyday table decor or a special get-together.

If you’ve been following along, I previously shared a look at my Fall family room, which is a cozy space with terracotta accents. My living room is a bit more elegant in soft blues and greens. And today, we’ll look at my dining room!

There are not a lot of places for me to decorate in this room since the only wall I have is taken up with a large hutch. But I do love putting together different centerpiece ideas!

The overall color scheme is green, white, blue and gold. I like the way the caramel/gold color ties in with the antique hutch. While I don’t love the color of the hutch and have been intending to paint it for years, I might as well embrace it! I like the way the gold accents tie in.

My ironstone display is actually not all antique ironstone. Some of it is everyday white kitchenware from Target and HomeGoods!

The table is decorated with just small white pumpkins from the grocery store as the main Fall element. I even used them as the vase filler for the flower bouquet!

I purchased a few different bunches of flowers from Trader Joe’s including hydrangea and eucalyptus. I basically picked up anything that they had in stock that were either green or white!

I set everything on top of an antique bread board to use as a base for the display. I then flanked the bread board with brass candlesticks and more pumpkins.

And while blue and white might not be traditional Fall colors, they work for me! Plus it gave me a chance to break out these cute antique transferware plates and my favorite ruffle napkins.

Over in the corner, I decided to make a display of antique bread boards, bread paddles, and dough bowls. I sometimes put a plant in this corner but for Fall, I liked the idea of leaving this corner more barren. Like a tree without its leaves…

And for those of you with a keen eye, you might have spotted that this is a new rug! I saw it when I was touring an open house. While others were admiring the house itelf, I was pushing the sofa to the side so that I could take a picture of the label underneath the rug’s corner!

That wraps up the tour of my dining room!

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