Step into my cozy fall family room adorned with warm-toned throws, pumpkin accents, ambient lighting, and an inviting array of autumnal decor. Welcome home to fall!

For me, Fall decor is all about using natural and textured elements to create a cozy feeling. And of course, you’ll pretty much always see me using my 6 Fall Decorating Essentials and this year is no different.

In all honestly, though, this is more of a mini-tour. My kitchen remodel has started so I have boxes and boxes of kitchen items tucked into every corner preventing me from taking a wide-angle shot of this room.

But I still think you’ll get a sense of how I decorated this year.

Fall family room with green throw pillow and bowl of white pumpkins on coffee table

Typically, I incorporate a bit of blue somewhere in my Fall decor since that’s a color I use year-round. This year, though, I decided to push myself out of my comfort zone just a bit with forest green!

I chose large velvet forest green pillows to use as a backdrop to some accent pillows that my mom made for me years ago. It’s been a while since I’ve put these into rotation so I decided this was the year!

I purchased my green pillows from HomeGoods, but these pillows from Pottery Barn are similar. My accent pillows are made from Covington Avondale linen fabric. I have one pillow featuring the hunting scene (shown below) and one of the fishing scene.

My favorite chunky knit throw was the perfect textured accent, styled in the Tidy Corner method.

Fall throw pillows in green velvet and a linen fox hunting scene with cable knit throw on white slipcover couch

With these pillows setting the color scheme, I went about decorating the rest of the space. I chose a simple dough bowl full of pumpkins, with a wheat bunch and some painted candlesticks.

vignette of wooden dough bowl with white pumpkins and fresh eucalyptus with dried wheat bunch

Behind my sofa, I simply added a few pumpkins to my sofa table for just a simple vignette.

I previously wrote about my favorite faux pumpkins that look realistic and the ones I ordered finally arrived! Can you believe one of these is fake?!

grouping of sage and terracotta pumpkins sitting on table next to a lamp for fall

There weren’t too many changes in my black cabinet, but I did add a few faux pumpkins and some antlers for just a touch of Fall.

black cabinet with grass wallpaper on back wall styled for fall with books and pumpkins and vintage trophy cups

I’m still super happy with the peel-and-stick wallpaper that I added to the back because it really helps my decor pop.

black cabinet with shelves styled for fall with books pumpkins and vintage cameras

Over on the fireplace, I have an assortment of my favorite Fairytale pumpkins and some faux grasses in antique iron urns. And as you can see, I dragged my cowhide rug in for the season. It’s been sitting in my garage for so long but I’ve always loved it! And I have no issue putting a rug over carpet. Lol!

Fall family room with dried grasses on fireplace mantel and frame TV above with picture of pears

I tested out a few different options for the art on my Frame TV this year. I think the ghost is pretty cute and I’ll probably use that one for my daughter’s Halloween party.

You can find these images and more for FREE on my site!

A mix of dried and fresh hydrangeas, a small bust, and a magnifying glass create a cute vignette on my side table next to my leather recliner.

antique black cast iron urn holding hydrangeas with cherub statue at the base

And as a first for me, I brought in some dried Baby’s Breath as yet another organic element. And there’s my faux pumpkin from Kirkland’s! The stem actually broke off during shipping so I used a real pumpkin stem and stuck it on top. Now the pumpkin looks even more realistic!

vignette with white jug holding baby's breath and jar of scrabble tiles

That’s it for Fall for me this year! My living room is already transformed for Christmas and my kitchen is a giant disaster. Lol!

Fall family room with green throw pillow and bowl of white pumpkins on coffee table


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  1. Magazine worthy. How pretty and so inviting. Great job!
    Karen B.

  2. I absolutely love the less is more look. I went with Forest green & velvety golden pillows, faux soft fur through. Since I will be away most of Oct,Nov. I went simple no pumpkins, eggcorns,owls olive branches & some dried hydrangeas…which brings me to my question. Once dried how do I keep them? I used the water drying method,allowing the water evaporate & using a little more water.
    Thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Roseann!

      Your decor sounds lovely! Great question about how to store dried hydrangeas. I usually keep mind upright in a large vase so that they don’t flatten or break. Mine are in the garage on a shelf, but no matter how carefully I store them, they start to look a little rough after a couple of years and I end up throwing some out.


      1. Thanks Kim!
        I appreciate you always.
        Have a wonderful week.

  3. I’ve always admired how you do fall in your family room. It has a seamless and effortless look, making it feeling soothing and warm. Thank you for the inspiration.

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