Here’s a look at a few of the gorgeous things I saw on my recent visit to the Alameda Point Antique Fair!

Something unique happened this year. California got rain! And not just a little bit of rain…a lot of rain!

While good for our draught-ridden state, it’s bad for outdoor antique shopping! My husband and I were able to go in January but there weren’t many dealers because it was raining on and off… February and March were rained out and canceled.

So what does that mean? Well, it means that April’s antique fair was booming!! Not only were there many more people early in the morning than usual, but the vendors really turned out and brought their best!

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So, what do I need from the antique fair? Absolutely nothing. But since when have I ever let that stop me from shopping? Lol!

I told my friend there are only two things that get me up early in the morning – if I have to catch a flight or if the antique fair is on!

Just upon entering, there’s a dealer who has the most interesting things. Sadly, there’s not in my price range. But look at this large Santos figure that he had this month! And that rusted urn is pure love!

A few stalls over was one of my favorites, Grenouille French Vintage. They didn’t have quite as much decor as usual but brought some clothing this time! They still had my favorite andirons, though. I use mine as a doorstop.

Patine was at the show this month as well, with their usual assortment of gorgeous grain sacks and grain sack pillows. I’ve been eyeing their pillows for years but just haven’t purchased one yet.

Patine also brought a few dough bowls, bread boards, and demijohns. This one is very similar to the one I purchased from them!

I saw a few other pillows that caught my attention at other dealer’s stalls. Like these sweet pastel linen ruffled pillows.

I almost purchased this pillow, but the insert was an odd size that I wasn’t sure I would be able to find…

Some vendors pulled out their Easter stuff, so I did see more rabbit decor than usual.

I love these cute nests and eggs that one vendor made. She had them in three different sizes.

I saw so many vintage canes, too! My collection is full or I might have been tempted. But dealers just had them grouped in buckets and baskets for sale.

My favorite cane of the day was this grumpy gentleman…lol!

The Warped Table always has gorgeous goodies. I was tempted by these black pots for my upcoming kitchen remodel, but thought maybe I’d better get the basics of my remodel planned before buying the accessories! But you know I love kitchen decor!

Maybe my only regret is not buying this basket. If you know your basket pricing, especially vintage European baskets, you’ll know that $100 for a basket of this size is a good price!

The antique fair always provides an entertaining trip, not to mention good food. I may or may not have dined on a breakfast burrito while shoppping…

Here are some random pictures that I took of interesting things. Like these vintage hat molds that were being used to display sunglasses!

And okay, these green canisters appear to have been used to store poisons, but aren’t the labels pretty?!

A year or so ago I purchased a small stool from this vendor that I use in my kids bathroom as a riser on their counter.

And last but not least, Marina Natalia. Marina always creates beautiful displays at Alameda Point and has the most wonderful things. In fact, I bought my Mora clock from her!

My friend’s mom was just asking about a small rectangular bistro table last week so I had to stop and take a picture when I saw this beauty.

This basket caught my attention because it’s an unusual size and shape. I’m going to need a bigger house for all the baskets I fall in love with!

And this little mustard jar….ooh la la! Maybe for my new kitchen?!

In the end, I purchased a set of white iron urns. I know I already have some but I always find a use for them and I didn’t have white ones!

What would you buy if you were there?

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  1. Omigod I love ALL the Things and I am so jealous you got to walk through all of that!! But also so grateful for you sharing 🫶🏼

  2. Lynne Parish says:

    Sigh…I don’t think there are any antique fairs close to me. There are a couple of trade days/flea markets, which can be fun. And maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t need a thing, but wanting, admiring, planning ahead for a spot for that certain something – I’m really good at that!
    Hope you had a great time!

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