Here’s a look at some of the fun finds I saw at this month’s antique fair, plus the one thing I purchased!

My husband and I love waking up early to hit the Alameda Point antique fair. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it), life has been busy lately and we haven’t made it to the antique fair since April! Needless to say I was very excited for November’s event.

One thing to remember is that I only show you things that I’m interested in, so this isn’t at all a full representation of what’s at Alameda Point. There are tons of vintage rugs, racks of clothing, boxes of jewelry, and even vendors that sell specific items like beer steins, bottles, beads, etc.

table display of antique bottles including green glass, blue and brown

Since I tend to like European antiques, that’s what I focus on mostly. In this case, I was casually looking for copper pots. Not because I cook, of course, but because I think they’ll look pretty in my kitchen remodel! I was also looking for an upright basket that could hold all of my antique bread boards.

antique woven market basket holding antique bread boards in the corner of a dining room

Some of my favorite vendors like Atelier de Campagne, Grenouille French Vintage, and Patine set up beautiful displays in their space. Others vendors don’t have brick-and-mortar stores and only sell at antique fairs. Some bring tables and set things up for display but others just put everything on the ground for you to sort through. But never skip a booth just because it doesn’t look pretty! You just never know what you’ll find…

Want to learn more about my favorite antique dealers? Check out this article!

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, most vendors have skipped Thanksgiving and had their full Christmas decor on display! I don’t currently collect vintage Christmas decor, but if I did, this would be the place to shop. Some vendors had entire booths dedicated to Christmas, while others had Christmas sections.

antique white Christmas santa and other Christmas decor on a table at an antique fair
Antique Christmas decor on display at an antique fair
Antique Christmas reindeer and stockings at an antique fiar

Patine had some beautiful dough bowls available, as well as wicker demijohns.

racks of antique dough bowls in all sizes on display at an antique fair
wicker demijon surrounding a green glass bottle on a wooden bench at an antique fair

I normally love their antique grain sacks, but none caught my eye that day. They do have beautiful grain sack runners, though.

row of antique grain sack table runners rolled up on a table

There’s one vendor who specializes in lighting and she often sells beautiful crystal chandeliers like this one.

antique french crystal chandelier with brass at an antique fair

There’s another vendor who sells large tables and stools made from wood. He also sells these little risers. I previously purchased one to use in my kids’ bathroom.

Small antique wooden stools risers displayed on the ground at an antique fair

I then spied this canvas portrait. I was drawn to it but my hubby said it was creepy. Honestly, I love antique artwork, though! I find it much more interesting than today’s mass produced pieces that I see in stores. Plus, sometimes you can get a great price on a piece and just use it for the frame!

antique canvase portrait of a curly haired girl with a white ruffle collar

Marina Natalia is one of my all-time favorites and she always has the most beautiful things. Her new container just arrived and she’ll have her latest things available at her Thanksgiving barn sale! So if you’re in California for the holiday, check out her Instagram for sale info.

yellow glazed antique french confit jar on a table next to a basket at an antique fair
antique yellow tufted chair with baskets at the base holding spools of colored twine at an antique fair
basket holding grain sack napkins on display on a table at an antique fair
metal rolling shelves holding enamel bowls, ironstone and an oversize basket at an antique fair
stack of antique french baskets with blue paint on the ends next to an antique medicine cabinet at an antique fair

At another booth, I honestly had to pull myself away from this chair because I was instantly in love with it. Look at that gorgeous blue velvet upholstery and Gustavian style frame! Another chair is the last thing I need, but she’s oh so pretty!

blue velvet upholstery on an antique french chair on display at an antique fair

Remember what I said about not ignoring vendors that don’t have pretty displays? Case in point below! This basket was just sitting on the ground and it’s an amazing find! It’s also ginormous. It can be difficult to tell the size in the photo, but look at the size of the basket compare to the chairs behind it and you can tell how large it is!

Oversized antique french basket with red painted base sitting in the parking lot at an antique fair

Just as I was about to call it a day, I saw these urns sitting in a booth with industrial tables. They were just all by their lonesome! I inquired about the price expecting them to be way to expensive for me since iron urns are very costly. To my surprise they were $200! FOR THE PAIR! That is an unheard of price and I just couldn’t pass them up. (For reference here’s a similar pair selling on 1stDibs for $3,500!)

I’m planning to plant them in Spring and just add them to the back patio with some of my other garden pots.

two antique iron urns sitting in a parking lot for sale at an antique fair

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  1. The cast iron urns are stunning. Such a great deal.

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