When it comes to my home, I am not good at commitment.  I get bored and like to change things up and move things around from room to room as I shop my house.  For this reason, I’ll forever be a neutral-loving girl when it comes to basic furnishings.  But after I finished my “someday” living room design plan, I started getting a little nervous that I hadn’t included enough texture or color to keep the room from looking too plain.

I then turned to one of my favorite places {Pinterest, of course!} for inspiration to remind myself how beautiful and cozy neutral rooms can be.  I think the key is to include a variety of textures, wood tones, metallic finishes, and pattern to help give the room depth in the absence of color.  Add in a few plants and colorful accessories and you’re set!  So here’s a look at some of my favorites that show the beauty of neutral living.


TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 1
{via Pinterest}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 2
{via The Champagne Taste}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 3
{via Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 4
{via Vintage Chic}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 5
{via Pinterest}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 6
{via Ballard Designs}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 7
{via Thompson Custom Homes}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 8
{via Eye For Design}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 9
{via Pinterest}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 10
{via Pinterest}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 11
{via Houzz}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 12
{via Coastal Living}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 13
{via Pinterest}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 14
{via French Grey}
TIDBITS & TWINE Neutral Living 15
{via Pinterest}


What’s your color story?  Do you decorate with neutrals or do you prefer something with more color?
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20 comments on “The Beauty of Neutrals”

  1. I think I change my mind on color as the seasons change. I had done away with all the red when we lived in CA and had none, THEN I “thought” I wanted to add bits and pieces for a French Country look. So, I painted a wall red in the dining room. Guess what? I hate it. I am in love with the neutral palette with some black. All of your photos are great inspirations! Hubby ain’t gonna be happy that I want to paint it over so I’ll wait till he has a project out of town (he likes to come home for lunch). He’ll get over it. :)

    • Amber – Your comments always make me smile! It sounds like you’re enjoying and embracing the process of change…and dragging hubby along for the ride! My husband and I are in the same boat. :)

  2. I’m with you! I have slowly been replacing all of the color in my house with textures and patterns in neutrals. It is fun to add pops of color with the seasons and holidays, but overall the neutral scheme is very classic. The photos you’ve shared are beautiful examples of this look. Love it!

  3. This post showcases my exact style when interior designing. I love the tranquility and romantic feel that neutral colors bring to a traditional and contemporary room with the incorporation of rustic/vintage and antique accessories- it’s my fav! All of these images are very inspirational. Thanks for sharing, Kim. You have great taste! :)

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